Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Master: Jarred Tinordi

When I think of the name Tinordi I think of the Dallas Star who sacrificed his leg on the altar of the icing debate.

I think of a hulking defenceman who brought more than size to his team - his frame also carried some excellent hockey IQ.

It bodes well that Mark Tinordi's bloodline is extended through his son, Jarred, who plays the same position with the same poise, leadership and fierce sense of compete his father once did.

And last night, Jared did it in the NHL, for the first time ever.

So on a day when Pope Francis conducted his first ever Sunday Mass, we introduce the Sunday Master, a new feature that will probably last a week and fall into oblivion. But for now, the celebrant of our Sunday Jewish Mass is the young Tinordi who along with his fellow Canadiens, came into Jersey on a mission and left the town of the Shore with 2 points in hand. And out of place, never did he look. (is that syntax correct?...never out of place did he not...not ever out of place did he....huh...)

I like this Tinordi, and I think I'll like him as much as I enjoyed his dad. He hit, he skated, and for a few moments there it appeared as if he had scored his first NHL goal in his first NHL game. That is until it became clear Tomas Plekanec had tipped Tinordi's shot from the point passed a helpless Hedberg.

Pause. How the heck did Hedberg get to 39 so fast? That's as weird as hearing that Macaulay Culkin is faring well in his retirement home after recovering from hip replacement surgery.

Anyways, with Hedberg and Brodeur as the tandem in goal for the Devils, one has to wonder if Kirk Douglas won't be called up in case one of the two goes down with an injury.

These Habs have gone a near quarter of a normal calendar with one loss in regulation time. It's an astounding feat. And it looks legitimate. The previous editions of the Habs would start to falter around Christmas time then have to rely on a strong surge to make it into 8th. What would indicate that this fate awaits these Habs. No player is really playing in over his head. It's the same old 70-point pace we've been accustomed to for any top scorer on this team. Defence is what this team is about and a balanced attack is where it surprises. They can score and they can stop you from scoring. In my book, that's a fairly decent combination.

Another easy week awaits, in theory.

And in theory, contraception, abortion, homosexual marriage and generally liberal thought should all be afforded the gifts of tolerance and understanding. That's why I like our Francis, #55, way better than theirs, #266.

And all of you looking for a miracle from the Vatican should look no further than Colby Armstrong getting his first as a Hab. In spiritus santa maria from heaven, it's about fucking time.


Orangeman said...

Hey kids, just found my way over here. I was gone for a while (undercover operation...*cough cough* selling secrets to North Korea *cough cough*)

Finally found my way over here. Some might say I'm a bandwagon fan, others will say I have the scars to prove I grew up in leaf country and have to wake up at 8am to catch a game on a skipping feed from Miami.

Nice to be here. Looks like you guys know what you're talking about. Which scares the shit out of me. But I'll try my best. Between tuna melts, of course.

HabsFan4 said...

Orange!!! Nice to hear from you again. Some of the best FHF comments cam from you.

No pressure.