Friday, March 22, 2013

Gallagher Quits Team Over Goal Dispute and Boredom Brought on by Listless Placental Mammals

No he doesn't.

Ok, so we spent the evening last night over at Montreal Hockey Talk debating whether last night's win over the Islanders was important for the team's psyche.

I thought the game meant very little. I was alone in thinking this. I felt isolated. Cold. Rejected. Corey thought the game could have created a tailspin with a loss in Long Island and two potential back to back losses to the Pens and Bruins.

Nick Murdocco and Coach K believed it could play with the team's morale. Steph Darwish leaned more towards my beliefs but a full conversion would have implied a change to Judaism and she resisted at the thought.

The game, however nice the win was, meant absolutely nothing. It wasn't going to affect the team in the playoffs - they weren't going to face a game 7 in Boston with a nagging "shit, we couldn't beat the Islanders" pecking their minds.

Another loss to NYI would have just been par for the course - an anomaly in an otherwise perfect season. So what, they couldn't beat the Isles, couldn't get up for a game against the league's least charismatic franchise- I mean we're talking the charisma of an armadillo. A dead armadillo.

But the boys didn't have to make it a debate after all because after a slow start, the Canadiens just took the game away from the Islanders and created the score that restored common sense in the universe. Gallagher's balls were as bouncy as ever and PK continued to make a strong case for the Norris and a cameo in the next Modern Family. He is a modern hockey player. It's a fit. Stop arguing with me.

The Habs have won 20 out of 30. 20 out of 30. And yet they still face the possibility of finishing 4th. It's the kind of season it's been. Crazy streaks with teams zeroing in on opposition faced over and over in this abridged season. Believe my friends, believe. This team will make spring and the early summer memorable - either in the shape of a deep run or a huge flameout. Bet on the former.

Tomorrow is the last game of what has been an easy 2-week stretch in both opposition and time between games.

As of March 26 in Pittsburgh, it's a new chapter in a more condensed, more difficult schedule. And a back to back Pens-Bos was more than enjoyable last time so we look forward to the week ahead.

Nice to finally leave the armadillos behind.

*thank our amazing Golden Girl for the pic.


Steve said...

I am in the middle of a boycott of Dons Cherries, he was right I was wrong, but he was wrong in pointing out how wrong I was. Anyway GG I just had to comment on what great work that was, the sunshine on the shell and all that. And thanks again for my ever appreciating Avatar

A-Rab said...

Steve, you're insane.

HF4 said...

Someone please explain what's going on. What did I miss when did it happen and how come we didn't have a mud fight to sort this out like men.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Thanks Steve, I think the avatar has brought him luck!