Sunday, March 24, 2013

Habs lose to Sabres again. Therrien on hot seat (he actually has a heated toilet bowl)

The Habs finished their week 1-1-1 after dropping another game to the Buffalo Sabres.  There are two ways to look at their performance this week.

1) The Habs lost 2 games to the Sabres that they mostly dominated.  You can't win 'em all.

2) Habs lost 2 out of 3 to teams out of the playoffs and Therrien should be fired and lapidated by an angry suicidal mob.

Somehow, PK finds himself at the center of all story lines with this team.  On Tuesday, he took the bad penalty that resulted in the game winning OT goal.  On Thursday, he responded by dominating the Islanders. Litterally, he wore leather and sodomized them in their dressing room during post game interviews.  And then last night he took a delay of game penalty that messed everything up.  Not sure if there was a definitive replay that showed if it was warranted, but his reaction seemed that he was genuinely shocked that nobody saw it hit the glass on its way out.  But, what's done is done.  1-1-1.

We all know it sucks to lose, but it's way easier to lose in games you showed up in and played well.  The team might just be showing signs that the injuries are catching up a little.  The unfortunate part is that we could've used this week to bank points ahead of a much harder 7 days.  Pens/Bruins in back to back road games and another date with grumpy old man Tortellini.  Would've been nice to get 5 out of 6 points before heading into that.  But as our beloved team has shown us, they always show up against the top teams.

They'll have some help for this daunting task.  50 goal (I mean year-old) man Jeff Halpern will make his 2nd appearance in a Canadiens uniform.  He'll bring a little depth and some welcome help in the face-off circle.  But other than that, this team will have to continue to find a way to win until Prust, Bourque and Diaz get back.  I don't see Rainbow Socks making any earth shattering moves.

I'll be on the Week in Review show on with Ted Bird and Dave Kellerman in about an hour.  Go listen to the show.  Then follow me on twitter @AlexRabbat.  Then pick up my Dry cleaning.


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Hey,long time lurker first time posting.Just wanted to say I would like to help with your dry cleaning but I live way out in Beaconsfield-tooooooo far!!!I decided to post now cuz I really miss GG11*s talents on the sexist central*s fhf.Also too,I miss LG77*s curses.Please pass on my feelings and we will see about your dry

Steve said...

Define insane!

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24/7 internet use?

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Insane: lovable and cuddly teddy bear