Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stanley Cup Half Full and a Mea Culpa to Jewish Mothers

So the Habs have just lost back to back games in regulation time for the first time this season. It's a freaking disaster totally reasonable outcome in the lifespan of a season.

By all accounts, and by this I mean mine, the Canadiens played a better 60 minutes than the Penguins last night. By all accounts, (hi there, me again) the fact that they did so on the road is even more impressive.

I look at last night's game as part 1 of a 2-part act. Tonight's game against the Bruins is the conclusion of what was an important measuring stick for this unproven squad. If the Habs come out of Boston with a win, they head back home with added confidence. An acceptable loss in Pittsburgh and a win in Boston -an excellent split. If they lose in Boston, it still serves a as a useful reference. It exhibits what's left to improve, what holes need to be filled and what size Jarome Iginla's jersey needs to be. Dream on.

It's interesting to see what that 7-6 game meant to both teams. It was fun but it was unacceptable. The Pens learned a lesson from it and toned down the offence in favour of stingy checking, and the Habs learned that they could play firewagon hockey - but that it was best no to. They can match the Penguins at at 7-6 or 1-0 game with zero complex.

Now for the Bruins. It's going to be a hell of a hockey game. Whatever the outcome, this is THE game of the regular season - and I think both teams just want to come out of it even. Nobody's going to school anyone, at least that's what the plan is. Don't let it be a statement game. Just play your game. And if it is going to be a statement game, make it your statement.

On a personal note, I have to say that not having a playoff game interfere with a Passover Seder a Passover Seder interfere with a playoff game was a welcome situation. No stress at the table, no mom who spent the week cooking waiting for her 17 male family members to unglue themselves from the TV to actually eat the food she slaved over. The lockout was, by design, an apology to Jewish mothers. That's why the players held out so long. To make amends with Jewish mothers.


newkidneyontheblock said...

I thought Seder lasted two days.Tell her that dinner can wait,the Habs are more important!!!!lol

Steve said...

We are missing 3 key players, so just being respectable is respectable.