Wednesday, March 27, 2013

There's Something about Brendan. Habs defy logic, win 6-5 in shootout.

Readers of this blog are familiar with my views on Brendan Gallagher's balls and the sack in which they reside.  I've called them huge.  I've diagnosed him with massive ball syndrome.  I've said that if this keeps going, he may one day be a giant testicle with arms on skates.  Well, I think it's time to admit the truth.  The kid has been entirely consumed by gonad material. He's insane.  He seems to thrive in situation so pressure packed they would make ordinary humans retreat to the fetal position.

So let's review.  Habs unexpectedly go up 2-0.  Habs decide to play Yahtzee on the bench for the entire 2nd period.  Habs find themselves down 4-2.  Gallagher becomes a giant nut and scores 2 in the last 8 minutes of the game (*correction, game-tying goal credited to Markov. This is HF4 interfering with A-Rab's shit, have a good day everyone, I'm off now).  Habs win 6-5 in shootout.  Did I miss something?

Last night, they skated with the best team in the east.  Tonight, they beat the toughest.  I know it's just one game and that in a 7 game series, things might be different.  But tonight, they played their hearts out.  A real roller coaster from beginning to end.  But when the entire building thought they were dead, they dug deep and kicked the Bruins right in the groin.  A week that looked like it might turn to shit pretty fast is now very salvageable.

Lost in my jizz filled euphoria was the fact that Carey was pulled after two periods.  Clearly it was a move made as a wake up call to the team and not aimed at his performance.  The Marchand goal was a freak occurrence and the Bergeron and Horton goals were impossible to stop.   Sometimes, a coach has to pull a move like that to get inside the heads of his guys.  And like so many times this year, Therrien has proved that he knows what makes them tick.

After getting beat in their own building by the embellishers, things will surely change.  By tomorrow, Boston will probably be the new home of Jarome Vaginla.  He will have hand picked his destination.  So Beantown, get ready for a dogfight.  We're in first place and we like it here.

TripleLowFive   MOTHAFUCKAS!!!!


winning conditions said...

TLF indeed!!!!!

.. used to like Iginla, now he's voodoo material

Steve said...

We were tested and more than passed. We have to be rated as a genuine contender now.