Sunday, March 17, 2013

Extra-Tinordinary: Giant man-child sets up winner as Habs keep on rolling. But more importantly we were on the TSN 690 pregame show.

In his first NHL game as professional pro who plays in the NHL, Jarred Tinordi put forward a solid effort, not to mention having his slap shot redirected by Pleky for the winner.  Add a +2 and nearly 15 minutes of ice-time and you have yourself a pretty decent debut.  But let's be real.  Unless there are more injuries or the kid plays in such a way that he forces Therrien's hand, this is probably just an audition for next year.  I don't see him replacing Diaz in the long run and there's no point in him sitting in the stands when we have a perfectly good Kaberle who's great at watching from the press box.  I'll get back to Kaberle in a second.

I just wanted to touch on Carey's performance.  The guy has been taking some heat lately for not playing his best.  I'll admit he's let in a few softees in the last couple of games, but when you look around the NHL, all the supposedly elite goalies have been having trouble at some point during the season.  But last night, in the last 10 minutes of the game, he was awesome.  Every puck seemed to hit him, he was never out of position and didn't give any sloppy rebounds.  And like I mentioned on the TSN pregame show with Ted Bird yesterday, if the Habs keep winning during Carey's tough stretch, they'll be that much better when he gets back into his groove.  I'm not one to brag about being on radio, but I was fucking awesome on radio yesterday.  Did I mention that?  That I was awesome?  Well I was.

Now back to the red cheek freak, Tomas Kaberle.  I equate him to a flaming bag of dog feces left at the doorstep of Marc Bergevin by his predecessor Mr. Gauthier.  We'd be free and clear of Spacek by now if it wasn't for that useless trade.  But alas we are stuck with him, so I might as well make the most of it and ridicule him while I can.  Can you imagine the conversation between Therrien and Tomas?  Well I can.

Tomas: Hey coach, I'm getting bed soars from not playing since 1989.  Think I can get in there sometime this month?

Therrien: I told you Tommy, I get you in der da second it possible.

Tomas: But you called up that kid Pateryn before letting me play.  WTF?

Therrien: Ben oui yé ben meilleur que toi.  Pi yé beau bon pas cher.

Tomas: Gazuntite

Therrien: Tomas, I try to be nice wit you, but i tink I tell you la vérité.  T'es poche.  Dat mean you suck in french.  So here da deal.  We give you $4,000,000 and you play wit your balls.

Tomas: Comon coach, I still have a lot to give.

Therrien: Da only ting you have to give is syphilis.  It's over Tomas.  Even if tree guy go down with broken leg tomorrow, I gonna call up Beaulieu and tell JJ and Gallant to suit up.

Tomas: You're funny coach.  Is this one of your mind games to keep me ready for the moment you need me?  You can't possibly think that of me.

Therrien:  Sort de mon bureau ostie d'imbécile.

Tomas: Thanks coach!  I won't let you down.



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