Sunday, March 3, 2013

Habs lose 17-16 in OT. Price GAA jumps to 9.57

Tabarnac.  As far as entertainment goes, that game was right up there with watching 2 monkeys in a feces throwing contest.  HF4 and I were in attendance (in a loge no less) and our knees are still soar.  Not from jumping out of our seats six times but from the BJs we had to give to get the tickets.  But man was that dessert cart worth it.

Fundamentally, the performance was shaky at best.  Defensive zone coverage was non existent and Price gave a DiPietroish performance.  But who the hell cares.  That was by far the most fun I had at the Bell Center since 3 potheads sat in front of me at an Andre Bocelli concert.  Every so often, you need a game like that to remind us of what hockey was like in the 80s.  7-6 was the average score in an Edmonton game before Jacques Lemaire and the coma inducing Devils hijacked the league.

Even though they lost, the Habs showed that they can skate with a high powered offence like the Pens.  That game could've gone either way, but the Pens having lost 2 in a row wanted it a bit more.  That and Pacioretty had a brain fart in OT allowing for that goal.  As much as it hurt walking out of the building after that, being 7-0-3 in our last 10 ain't so shabby.

Besides, no time to dwell on that, we've got bigger problems.  Habs kick off a 5 game road trip and are in Boston tonight to play for first place.  Anything less than 12 goals will be a major disappointment.

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