Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Really Jarome?

Rumor has it that Jarome Iginla has given a list of 4 teams he would agree to be traded to.  On that list are the Penguins, Bruins, Blackhawks and Kings.  Really Jarome?  That's it?  Well the Pens made their moves, so you can scratch them off your list.  No love for the #2 team in the east?  No love for the team that is looking for a skilled, gritty power forward that could make it as good a contender as any? Are you not aware we also have a black guy on our team?  A strip club at every corner?  Besides, All those other teams already won a cup.  They can't win another one for at least 6 years as per the new CBA.  So get your head out of your ass and add us to that list.  We're willing to give up Kaberle and/or Weber and/or Blunden.  We would've given up more but we're afraid that the Quebec market will not understand why you spell your name with an A.  But if you come and we win it all, I'm willing to bet that a small town north of Laval will soon be called St-Jarome.  Go to Boston and forever be known as Jarome Vaginla.  No disrespect to Vaginas, but they have a hard time gripping their sticks when they get wet.  Your call.

In other news, the Leafs are Syphilis.

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