Thursday, October 13, 2011

Game preview: Habs vs Flamers

Ok, here we go. First home game of the season goes tonight vs Iggy and his fellow Calgary Flames, or as Jacques Martin likes to call them, Les Flammes. Now I've been watching hockey in French all my life, and I never heard René Lecavalier, Claude Quenneville, Jean Pagé, Lionel Duval, Richard Garneau, Pierre Houde or even fucking Benoit Brunet call them Les Flammes. With that logic, I look forward to the next game vs les anciennes Trachées d'Atlanta.

It's a wonder that franchise didn't survive there.

Cammalleri and (Sissy) Spacek are out. Palushaj and Yemelin probably get the nod. This year's pregame ceremonies have a lot to live up to. Last year, The Maple Leafs raised the bar by reminding us all that Ice is made of frozen water. Also, Carey Price will try to become the 7th youngest goalie to reach 100 wins after Harry Lumley, Tom Barrasso, Terry Sawchuk, Grant Fuhr, Patrick Roy et Jocelyn Thibault. But more importantly, with a win, Jacques Martin will become the 34th oldest coach to win a home opener on a Thursday night in a non leap year. Go Jacques!

Prediction: Habs win 4-2 in a shootout. You'll see.


Mr. natural said...

Not bad. Came and took a looky-loo courtesy of 4HF-The sequel.

I may just change my political stripes.

Mmmm...this is a great Scotch!


Kmaxx said...

At the end of the second I called it a night - it was 2.30 am in the UK after all - I also posted that the reason I was doing so was that I didn't see any more goals going in on either end. Shame I was right. So here we go - another season of 500 hockey - win one lose one win two lose two - it's gonna be a long one!

lawyergirl77 said...

*punching couch cushion to make new digs comfy*

Hey guys... s'up?

Last night's game was totally worth the 22% price increase AND the designation as a "Premium" game, right?


What worries us more? The continued mediocrity of the on-ice product, the fact that the fans were pretty mediocre (even before the shitshow began) or the fact that even the pre-packaged pre-game spectacle reminded me of last season's TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING regular season game opening montage.


HabsFan4 said...

LG welcome my love.

You'll hear more today on the opening game montage.

Much more.

KMAXX, your optimism is breathtaking. Don's Cherries and I left the game after 2 and enjoyed driving over montreal's potholes way more than what les flammes and les Habs brought to the table last night.

Kmaxx said...

@4 - What can I suis une optimiste...

Steve said...

Following your useful links I find Chocula has a PP plan with no TITS. TITS was your offence last game fuckface. I want to be entertained, the players want to be entertained, bring back Carbo. Mr Molson Vagina needs a carbo boost.

Steve said...

Best idea I have seen all day:
"Occupy the Habs"
We dont know what we want, but it sure is not this.

Public Domain said...

A wander through the ever-expanding number of Habs sites would indicate that the end of the world is nigh. Perhaps understandable when the Leafs are ahead in the standings.. like every first week.

I'm a gonna ride my rainbow pony for a few more games yet

Thanks for not posting a smoker's trachea .. get enough of that

Anonymous said...


Just heard about the new blog. Good timing, I was just starting to go into delirium tremens.

Welcome to the new fake cardiologist. I gotta ask: Is that a carina dessert? If yes, where can one acquire said tasty airway?