Friday, October 21, 2011

Game review. Fat flightless birds beat up Habs.

Well, what can one say after that display. I stood up for these bastards after they lost to Buffalo because at least they showed some fight. Last night was a different story all together. Can someone please explain why Joe Vitale is not on The Sopranos instead of scoring on us? Ever notice how the Habs always get scored on by people with 1 or 2 career goals? Seriously, start paying attention. You'll be blown away at how many 4th liners make a career against playing the Habs.

So let's recap.

1) Carey was good, not much he can do on goals like that and he made huge saves on a couple golden chances.

2) PK did his thing, but I am unfairly disappointed everytime he doesn't completely dominate. That's what happens when you give us a taste of greatness...we want it all the time.

3) Next time Darche is on a breakaway, he should just skate right into the boards.

4) Gomez gets hurt which somehow seems like both great news and terrible news at the same time.

5)Aaron Asham can bat pucks out of the air just as well as he can knock people out.

1 win in 6 games. Barf. Everywhere.


Steve said...

Great Darche line

neverbeenpkissed said...

T’es en forme DC...à point as always. I might get fined by the Office de la langue française here, but note that Kirk`s admirals are 3-0 over in the Ahl. Could it be we`re missing the man who made my 3 year-old ask Santa for a headset last year? In our departed assistant, we might have lost our communicator in chief, someone relatable who was a plus for the player`s psyches. Because like the Cranberries said, It`s in your head, in your head...and we`re playing like Zombies.

moeman said...

wv = blart

HabsFan4 said...

NBPKISSED- Agreed, Muller factor is having a huge impact.