Monday, October 17, 2011

Remember When.

Remember when Tie Domi would pretend he had the heavyweight belt on after every fight or when Bob Probert would do a line of coke in the penalty box after kicking the shit out of some poor bastard? Those were the days.

Poor Aaron Asham.

Two nights ago, in a game between the Caps and Pens, two of the fiercest NHL rivals, Aaron Asham DESTROYED Jay "Reagle" Beagle in a fight. He basically knocked his ass out with not one, but two consecutive right hands. Beagle was out cold before he hit the ice. Asham then signaled to the crowd that Snoopy was safe at home plate and was asleep.

Let me start by saying that I've been a big fan of Brendan Shanahan's overhaul of the NHL's criminal justice system. Nobody wants to see blind sided headshots or dirty stick work on the ice. That's what porn is for.

But for now, fighting is legal in our sport so enough with the hypocritical bitching and whining about this incident. To tell you the truth, I wouldn't care if they banned fighting all together. I don't go to the Bell Center hoping to see one and I never leave disappointed if nobody dropped the gloves. Fighting may be controversial, but when a good one happens, everybody's talking about it the next day. So until Gary and his boys get rid of them, let's stop making a big deal about this thing.

Fighting is either in, or out. There's no in between. We're never gonna make fighting classy unless we make the guys slap eachother with white gloves and speak with a british accent.

It is by definition a moronic, barberic way to settle anything. But if I'm not the one getting my ass kicked, I'm fine with it.

Two grown men decided to drop the gloves and settle a score. The second your gloves hit the ice, it's a binding contract that you signed saying that if you get your face pounded, you have only yourself to blame. I'm tired of hearing goons say that they never want to hurt the other guy. Really? When I take my fist and repeatedly hit your unprotected face with it, I'm usually trying to hurt you. So man up. You get into a fight, you might get knocked out. And if you knocked someone out, don't apologize for it. I don't hear Ovechkin apologizing for scoring the 6th goal of a blowout game saying that it's not classy to keep pouring it on when the game is clearly over. Ovy has a job to do, and so does the goon... for now You don't like it, then get rid of fighting, but don't complain when someone gets hurt.


Oleg Petrov said...

I'm also a little tired at everybody for saying this was a mismatch and Arron Asham was picking on a poor defenceless greenhorn. Jay Beagle has four inches on Arron Asham and was swinging for the fences until he went down. If you can't fight, then back down, and pay the political price of looking like a nancy, like I would. If you aren't man enough to back down, then hang on for dear life, which at 6'3" shouldn't be a problem - P.J. Stock survived his whole career as a pseudo-goon by hanging on for dear life at 5'9". But everyone is getting on Asham for clocking a guy who was trying very hard to knock him out and leaving himself wide open in the process.

This is my new must-check blog - I'm not sure how long it will last, but I'll be reading.

wv - Hypocrisy aside, I was well sicatize antics before he retired, as I'm sure Belinda Stronach was, too.

Steve said...

Occupy the NHL a registered division of occupy the Habs.
We Demand an end to fighting.
We Demand post game video penalties to asswipes like Marchmund, and any shaved ape stuff.
We demand soft pads, get your NHL branded tampons.
We demand the refs stop calling every soft penalty in the world against Montreal.
We demand a worldwide labeling of every square of toilet paper with " Buttman"

Anonymous said...

Most of us have experienced those agonizing seconds of a guy lying flat, motionless and bleeding on the ice and felt the need to see him get up regardless of his stripes. It was that kind of moment of human empathy and drama that was diametrically opposed to Asham’s kick ass WWF-Marcel Marceau antics. He was smart in rapidly understanding the clear contradiction between the two images. He never apologized for the fight itself nor should he have to. What was worse that Aaron’s Oscar clip was an incredibly opportunistic/lightly apologetic Don Cherry that put Asham in his Corner praising Aaron ,and by proxy himself, for knowing when to apologize. That...was sickening my friends.

Kmaxx said...

OK - A couple of things to address here...Firstly - Don's Cherries - that was a fuckin' smokin' bit of writing. Very nice and I actually completely agree. Secondly - If a fight happens, it happens - until they are outlawed. Aaron's post fight smackdown move was spur of the moment - like PFK's archer move when he scored a goal that pissed people off last year - so leave him alone about it. And I know I saw a clip where he apologised for the smackdown after the fight - so I say this one is done. Let's move on!


moeman said...

Great read. Never one for the fights. Prefer, big, clean hits like those delivered by Big Bird Robinson and recently PK on that broons taint marchand.