Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Story of Turtles

FHF was a unique project. In combining satire, humor and hockey commentary it created a product that the four of us felt was sorely lacking and needed in the Montreal sports landscape.

FHF took twists and turns that nobody imagined. From an awkward first couple of posts in the spring of 2007 to the most brilliantly twisted photoshopped representations of your favorite hockey players. It was edgy and weird and funny and all of those things.

But then Golden Girl came on board.

(sorry GG…too easy)

So FHF has filed for bankruptcy after the four of us were found guilty for embezzling millions of dollars in crystal meth and adobe photoshop cd-roms.

We were all forced to turn the page towards new chapters. The Sequel is up and running and as sexy as ever. We hope that inmates across the world will continue to masturbate to the depictions of what Moeman deems attractive.

As for us, on this blog, we will give you something different. We will blog in Punjabi.

But also, we will give a new generation of hockey lovers a voice. Ok too corny.

We will provide you with an alternative….no, too Tea Partyish.

We will invade Wall Street. Fuck, no that’s no good either.

Ok, fine. We will be PK’ists. Call us what you want. The PK’ists, les PK’istes. Hyphenate it, say together. Do whatever tickles the ticklish parts of your glistening body.

You know who I am. I’m a blogging legend. I took a sabbatical last year to feed tortoise with Parkinson’s in Mozambique and in the process I set up a school called Les Tortues qui Tremblent. It was tremendously gratifying.

Stay with us. Become a PK’ist for life.


moeman said...

Nicely done. That turtle probably skates faster than Hal Gill.

Now i've to go google 'masturbate'.

HabsFan4 said...

Wanna hand?

Ok, that was weird.

moeman said...

Too late.

fasterbater said...

Forget about hyphens, they`re sooo 1873.

The Japanese adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1873 btw.

Kmaxx said...

I remain in complete awe of you guys! Thank God there are still some people out there with a sense of humour and a love for the Habs. Bless you HF4 - Fantastic to have you back!