Saturday, October 29, 2011

Who'd a thunk it. Cardinals pull a title out of their ass.

Did I hear that right? Martin St. Louis won the world series?? And he wasn't even drafted!

I thought I'd step out of the rink and talk a little baseball. I'm a huge Yankee fan and I usually root for baseball to have a spontaneous work stoppage when the Yanks get eliminated, but I gotta hand it to the Cardinals. That was a hell of a season that was somehow capped by the most unexpected game 6 comeback in recent Baseball's history. Now I can say that because the Yankees have a comfortable 16 title lead on the Cardinals. So tonight, they get my praise. Tomorrow, they're just another team.

This team was 3 games back with 5 to play. The fact that they even made the playoffs is a miracle. If the Habs were 6 points back with 5 games to go, the coach would be lapidated, the GM would be hanging by his balls on De la Gauchetiere and an already fired Perry Pearn would be re-fired on live TV in front of his children.

So not only do they make the dance, but they start off by beating the Phillies and the best starting staff in Baseball (up yours Cliff Lee for snubbing the Yankees). Follow that up with a solid win over a well balanced Brewers team and the next thing you know, they're in the World Series vs the defending AL champs. After 5 games, they win what might go down as the most entertaining game in baseball history. Now I have to come clean, I fell asleep in the 9th inning, but when HF4 told me what happened the next day, I damn well soiled myself. When you're 1 strike away from watching the other team celebrate on your turf and you stop them not once, but twice, you get all the props in the world.

So as cool as that was, you gotta feel for Nolan Ryan. The MLB strikeout king had a front row seat for the game 6 meltdown and has now had to watch the other guys celebrate 2 years running. Ah well, serves him right for sitting next to W. Douchyest President Ever.

So congrats St-Louis. Enjoy it while you can because we all know Pooholes is going to the Cubs and the Yanks will be gunning for you next year. So, it's past midnight. Fuck the Cardinals. Yankees rule.


Public Domain said...

The only thing rivalling the Montreal Canadiens for consistency in my long life is.... birdwatching (ah, the comfort of anonymity)

While I remain a committed disciple, Ms GG your latest effort is most disturbing. I need a drink (um..the third thing)

I hear there's a game on tonight - yippee

GoldenGirl11 said...

DC asked for a cardinal and the world series troph..... Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, he wanted THAT Cardinal. My bad.

moeman said...

heh, GG that pic is perfect! Too funny.

wv = billwred

GoldenGirl11 said...

Thanks Moe