Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pacioretty Grants Coach Martin Stay of Execution

Finally, we can show you our new banner (look up).

Ligaments shmigaments.

Max Pacioretty took the entire team and its droopy dog old coach on his back and carried them to victory last night. It was courageous and inspiring and beautiful and made me feel all tingly like when that kid is skipping in the fields during the opening credits of Little House on the Prairie.

Determination and will. Look no further than Tomas Plekanec trying to shovel a puck past Philly goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov and Pacioretty taking matters into his own hands by slamming this goal mouth scramble to its definitive end. Pleks was poking at the puck, Pacioretty put his whole body into the effort. Game set and match.

If Governor Pacioretty made the call to grant Martin a stay, you have to think that Carey Price dialed the number. Price put the stiffness to bed (please interpret that in any direction that suits you, they all work and are probably all true), shed the Pretty in Pink look and moved back into his familiar groove. It felt like October 9 all over again.

Philadelphia is the shadow of the team it usually is when Chris Pronger is in uniform. With their bone crunching army of sulphuric fury resting a wounded eye at home, the Habs exposed Philly's D-men during the entire second and third periods. The Habs played with a second wind we haven't seen since Irene went from a tropical breeze to a topical bore (thank you CNN for your 3-day world is coming to an end coverage because it's drizzling the flow of hamster pee in New York City).

Coach Martin mourned the loss of Perry Pearn (we'll get to that later today) by doing damage on the special units previously under Pearn's coverage guidance. Montreal scored a power play goal but their play 5 on 5 was strong and continuously on the attack. Erik Cole is starting to show signs that he can be Hall without Oates and soon our kiss will be on his lips in gratitude for his play.

But as Quentin made The Wolfe once say....let's not start....

(you fill in the blanks)

So maybe back to reality tonight my dear friends. Or maybe not. Check out your Bruins record this season and that Stanley Cup banner hanging at the Garden may be the only thing to feel good about in la ville des fêves right now. 

Just pray that Governor Pacioretty continue to find it in his heart to spare the poor coach's life.


Steve said...

Boston last played Oct 22, so tonite is hardly a fair evaluation. GHG

Steve said...

Forgot to mention GG photoshop made me LOL

Kmaxx said...

Another intersting thing I saw last night was some old grey haired git who made an appearance on the pre-game RDS show (sorry - first time I ever watched so I no nothing about the names) He might have been your pal BR but I can't be sure. He was asked how many points the Habs would score in the three games ending Saturday night...He sorta stumbled around "lucky if they get any" but went mental when asked "what about 6 points?" "Never in a million years, Jamais jamais, jamias mon ami" - all that shit. So I wonder what he'll say tonight?

BTW - tonight is really the one that will tell us all if last night was a fluke or not. Remembere - the Habs are not great at "two in a row" -unless you are counting losses up - so I hope that they can pull together again and put in the effort it takes to win in the new NHL - every night - like last night (after the 1st anyway).

Here's hoping BR is as senile as you seem to think...

neverbeenpkissed said...

@Kmaxx. I hate to be your bill 101 Debbie Downer here because said gentleman actually concluded his remarks by saying that the Habs "might surprise us tonight" as they "have often bounced back afer being counted out". Pkisses in both official languages as we're all smiling a bit more today pas vrai? Hilarious stuff 4; as for Martin, I think we can all agree that when they fire your best friend, you'll continue to walk les fesses serrés at least until you`re over 500.