Saturday, October 22, 2011

Martin Goose and His Imprinting Habs - Leafs Game Preview

Oh Lord, the insufferable bore that is Jacques Martin has rubbed off on his players. Simple, it's called imprinting. When baby geese are born they mimic their mother goose.

Kirk Muller, the charismatic voice of the room, the mentor, the rallying point, the bridge between the bland blandness of coach Martin and his players - gone. Is the room affected by the void? No clue. It's all speculation, but hell it's staring to look as if this coach can't find the chemistry in the room or behind the bench to whip the boys into form.

A loss to the Leafs tonight and you've got to start believing that the countdown begins somewhere in Pierre Gauthier's mind - even though he may also be part of the bland equation. Missing playoffs, firing coaches, this is the banter you begin to hear when you begin the season with the first 10 games being a write off.

We're almost there, serious questions time. Imagine what a 2-10-1 record would look like. It's a huge mountain to climb and trend to reverse. Maybe the blessing in this is the 2-4 week absence of Scott Gomez. Maybe Lars Eller finds the promotion he deserves and the team responds to the annoitment of a new important centre. Maybe that spells the end of Gomez on the top 2 lines, and inevitably of Gomer in Montreal. But with that contract, how do you move him? Buyout, minors, whatever it is, it's going to be ugly.

Tonight, they HAVE to win. The season is 7 games old and they have to win. Scary.


moeman said...

I agree 100%. Nice work GG.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Thanks moe!

neverbeenpkissed said...

When recently asked to describe what he wanted his new Admirals to be like, Kirk enthusiastically answered “aggressive” without any hesitation. No doubt his busy bee attitude behind the bench here kept players energized and composed. I still see Martin as one of the most methodical coaches in the league; methodology alone however is no substitute for proactive communication and killer instinct. The instinct part has yet to come from the players. We do miss Admiral Muller but for me there’s still no mutiny in sight. In this stormy sea of early season woes that only a win can start to calm, it is way too early to throw General Martin overboard in favour of a Captain Kirk that will unfortunately never coach this team (courtesy of bill 101). One win at home and smooth sailing ahead.3-2 Feuille end of second and I’m getting seasick.