Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wouneded Two-Headed Monster is Still a Force: Habs-Pens Preview

Who on God's green earth is James Neal and why does he have more goals than the entire Eastern Conference?

How do these Pens not miss a beat when their killer duo is on the sidelines. They pulled this trick before and they're at it again. Sans Malkin and Crosby, coach Bylsma gets in there and enforces a backup system the team believes in and buys in to. Not a shabby feat. He adds a suspended Kris Letang to his list of problems now but this guy can coach and as we saw from last year's HBO special he can act, and cook and be a good dad and husband. Sounds good to me.

Coach Martin on the other hand, dealing with similar injury troubles can't seem to find the team's rhythm nor create any sense of system. Are they a firewagon hockey club or a defensive clam? Are they a trap team or is there enough distance between the D and forwards to run a marathon?

Price waits for 100 Ws and why this is suddenly a story is beyond me. PK looking for adulthood. Gomez looking for a point. Cole looking for a goal. Gill looking for a win on this 1000th night of regular season hockey. Kudos to him.

Win and breathe or lose and risk a serious downslide after a difficult game against an always antagonizing leafs team on Saturday.

Don't kid yourself, the season is early but this is an important game. Not playing to standards for a leader that Gill has become will have a reverberating effect on the room. Win it for the big guy boys and let Price and Gill fight over the rights to the game puck.


SadHabsFan said...

wv: GoMeh!s injured? restom till playoffs.

Public Domain said...

hereby sacrificing my rainbow pony

Steve said...

Doche$hark sat out last nights game, he will be in lineup Sat so there is some hope, when he is on the ice its like the Habs have 6 players.

Anonymous said...

This is Martin's brilliant ruse: Make everyone we've hit rock bottom and then caboom...we destroy the Leafs'll see.