Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I have good news and bad news. Habs / Sabres post game

Last night's game was annoying. Not Celine Dion annoying, but pretty close. Let's start with the bad news. We lost and that sucks. In a league where every point counts, a loss is a loss and it will most probably come back to bite us in the ass. That being said, it feels way better to lose like that than the way it went down vs Colorado. I'm also a little miffed at how we got schooled on that tic tac toe Vanek goal with 3 seconds left. It's a set play that works twice a season and we're the suckers who made them look good.

Last night, the Habs got a little taste of their own medicine. Getting outshot almost 2-1 and still coming out with an undeserved win is our thing! So although it doesn't help one bit in the standings, the way we lost was much easier to swallow. Ryan Miller is a hell of a goalie (even if he looks like a tree huggin' hippy) and he's gonna win some games all by himself. Case in point.

The good news is Carey looked solid, PK was 100% better with his 25 mins of ice but still not where he should be, and the forwards did everything but score. Pacioretty looks like a man posessed with 9 shots on net and who knew Cameron's kid brother knew how to do that!

Let's not forget our backend is decimated. You can't keep chugging along after losing Markov, Campoli and Spacek as if nothing happened. We've seen the Habs get off to great starts just to struggle later on and still barely slide into 8th spot.

This year, I'm willing to try it out this way and see what happens... It's all I can say to talk myself off the ledge,


Steve said...

The only kind of good solid for Carey is in comparison to the runs. He sucked on the first goal. It was the same shot that has been beating him all year.

However I agree with your overall assesment, this is a good team that can only get better.

neverbeenpkissed said...

Dr.DC I think your delusions are increasing faster than PK's minuses. You might need to seek medical attention from yourself. We just sucked!!! Thanks for the great read and spot on analysis...and also for being a fake therapist in highlighting all the positives that still end up seeing us losing and depressed. Are you OK? I'm OK. We'll all be OK! How much for the session Dr?

moeman said...

Sober thoughts. Sober? Sober!

Number31 said...

Price's only fault on that first goal was not having x-ray vision to see through Hal Gill, Steve. Leopold had all night to make that shot.

Around this time last year the Leafs, Avs, Islanders were tops in the League. Didn't make the playoffs. Similarly Buffalo couldn't win a game at home for like a month or so.

HabsFan4 said...

Le Journal's "Départ Désastreux" headline today reveals the paper's obsession with being a bad newspaper. It's like they all get together in the morning when assigning stories and say "ok folks, don't forget to all shit the bed today".

neverbeenpkissed said...

Right on HF4. I sometimes use the Journal as my poppy seed and melting butter receptacle while enjoying my morning bagel. What killed me in that headline was the comparison between our current team and their 1938 lacklustre counterparts. How very pertinent. Sure one might argue that guys like “Cyclone” Wentworth and Felix “Gus” Mancuso shoulda brought it yall; but lest we forget that that roster also had couple of future Hall of Famers in Blake and Siebert. I don’t think it will take our current boys another 6 years to get a cup. But you go on Journal with your PTSD unable to shake that 1931-44 dry spell that still haunts all of us. Me I’m good because I have closure and love our chances no matter how we came out of the gate. Back to my Bagel.