Monday, October 24, 2011

Game review: Habs vs Les Pantheres. Tabarnac.

DC reporting live from the sunshine state. That's right, I came to Miami to watch the Panthers play in Montreal. Well there's not much to say after that. So I thought I would comment on what it was like watching the game in Miami on the Florida Panthers home feed. It was....interesting. And by interesting, I mean embarrassing. The reason I say this is the announcers have no idea what's going on. They must have made 50 mistakes ranging from funky pronunciation (Youvi?) to completely insane analysis. The epitome of this incompetence was beautifully displayed when they showed Henri Richard signing autographs in the crowd. Steve Goldstein then says: This is a treat, Maurice the Rocket Richard is here tonight, winner of 11 Stanley Cups. Are you serious Goldstein?? The Rocket's been dead for over a decade. Stop snorting sunscreen and pay attention.

Back to the pathetic display. Let's start with the good news. Jackie used a timeout. And that concludes the good news. I don't care that we got 40 shots. That was the silver lining against Buffalo. This was the Panthers. THE PANTHERS. Perennial 13th place finishers. the team who's goal every September is: Let's just be better than the Islanders. The team that sells its tickets for $6. This is the team that gives us trouble? And who the hell is Mike Blunden? Mike Blunden doesn't get to play for the Habs. I think it's safe to say that the Habs would lose to actual panthers. Panthers with skates on would beat this team. Panthers with skates on, coached by Barry Melrose. Tabarnac.


Steve said...

I was watching the Panthers feed on NHL 2, I felt surrealistic when fucking idiot says, you know your part of history when then name a trophy after you. The Steve cup, less padding more nuts.

Its official Panic.

Public Domain said...

On top of everything, Grabs takes out Pronger for a few weeks... god, what to think these days?

wv: unborre me JM!

neverbeenpkissed said...

Did every shift in which we tried to set or keep up the pace last night not look excruciatingly laborious and painful for our guys? I thought they fix the Nordic Track in Brossard? Colé, colé, colé, câlisse just win ONE so we can at least pretend we’ve rebooted.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I was there last nite, some ppl (Eller) tried hard. Was painful to watch the way every time the Habs moved up ice they luxuriously headed off on line changes.

One more good news you forgot. Budaj. Fine job.

Anonymous said...

Let's get something straight, the Rocket is eternal so he is NOT dead, second, he was there just not in spirit.
Le Maurice