Saturday, January 28, 2012


Because the NHL is taking a break from real hockey, we're protesting and taking a break from real blogging.

We'll see you as soon as the games mean something again, like in October.


DarthAlexander said...

Oh how lazy. You should be working hard blogging just like I'm sure Gauthier is working hard on deciding our wonderful future..inbetween deciding what to put in tonight's salad of course.

Well, if you missed the skills competition you did yourself a favor. Dull as hell but there was one highlight: Price's concussion joke.

God, they pause the season for this?

El Conkistador said...

@Darth: Hope no one watched this live. Total snooze fest sponsored by >>>>, the quadruple speed FF function on my PVR. Watch Shanny call in Carey for that joke. The Price-Chara no-handshake at the draft: Accidentally on purpose? Wake me up on Tueday people.