Thursday, January 19, 2012

Game review: Habs get shut out at home by 8th place team

It really is a game of inches. 2 inches lower and Bourque scores on that breakaway. 2 inches to the left and Gomez scores his first goal in 4 years. 2 inches longer and Pierre Gauthier would have a 2 inch penis. Sorry Pierre but your 48 hour genius run is over. You're back to being a sack of shit.

And to think it started so well. Bourque stood up and cleaned up his own mess by dropping the gloves 2 minutes into the game. He not only held is own but easily won the tilt. The Caps opened the score with a perfect shot from Perreault. That puck had eyes. Through the legs and a perfect top corner. Then Johansson scored on a play AK should be ashamed of. Then Ovechkin scored. Then we got a 23 minute powerplay that resulted in dick all. How do you not convert on at least 1 of 7 powerplays?? What a shitty night. You know it's a bad game when Scott Gomez was among your best players.

The Habs once again showed the NHL that they are the easiest team to play against. If they get a lead, they win. If we get a lead, they win. How do you lose 3-0 to a team that had 16 shots on net? Is it that hard to get jacked up for a game that gets you 6 points from the playoffs? We're now 9 points back. 9. It's not even the allstar break for fuck sake.

My season tickets aren't worth a damn thing. And even after all this I have to hear our owner and president show his support for the dipshit who put this whole thing together. Let's just not show up the rest of the way. Let teams win by default. There's more honor in that than what I saw tonight. I think we had 42 off sides while on our 7 powerplays. On the bright side, there are only 6 NHL teams with less points than the Canadiens and we are 2 points from dead last in the east.

So now that we clearly see that Mike Cammalleri was not the only reason we sucked ass, what's the plan? I know, trade for another long ass contract and sign Markov to 9 year extension. Asshole.


Steve said...

Price sucked on the first two goals, the first one not so much, the second softer than Kaberle.

Anonymous said...

Just cross your fingers Goat-man won't further screw things up by trading picks in hopes of making the playoffs

DarthAlexander said...

I hate to make Randy feel worse than he probably does but he's been in charge of the power play all year and it sucks shit. We can't seem to do anything right on it.

What's scary is that you'd think one would go in at least by accident.

Bestest news of all: we have Kaberle for two more years! Yes!