Sunday, January 15, 2012

Game Review: Habs win (a shootout loss is now a win for us) vs Senators

So I'm 24 hours into my 48 hour window of thinking Pierre Gauthier is a genius. So far, things are not looking good for Mr. Gauthier. I think we're well on our way to going back to thinking he's dumber than a bag of nails. I can't say that I'm surprised, but I was secretly thinking there was a one in a million chance they would fluke off a post Cammalleri run that would make them compete for a playoff spot.

The Habs got a point last night. That's a win in 2012 for these bums. In all honesty, if this was 2 months ago, I would say that their performance was nothing to be ashamed of, that they were on the right track and that if they keep playing like that, they'll be just fine. But it's January 15th and we're 8 points out of 8th. So they can kiss my ass. PK had a goal called back, they shot 34 times and it still wasn't enough against the oddly successful Senators. The best part of the whole night was seeing Kaberle take the shootout. Why on earth would an anglo coach take that risk. If you're gonna lose in a shootout, at least go down with your best players shooting... or at least your best forwards... or at least your best french guy. Desharnais was sitting right there! Isn't this the same Kaberle who's never been a great goal scorer? What, did he pull a sweet move in practice while Carey was blowing kisses to the teenage girls watching in Brossard? The only coaches who should be allowed to play a hunch are the ones with a cup. Or perhaps more than 13 games experience in the NHL.

Scott Gomez came back in grand fashion. Zeros across the board. No points, no shots, no guacamole, no talent. No shit. Who would've thought any different.

Our reward for that performance is a date with the best team in the east. They too played last night. They won. Against a team we can't beat. 3-0.

C'mon Pierre, 24 hours left in your stay of execution. The guillotine is sharpened, the arena is sold out, the t-shirts are selling like hotcakes.

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Steve said...

drop the blade on this season, lets see Avitsen, let PK of his leash.