Thursday, January 26, 2012

Revenge is a dish best serve cold. Very cold. So cold you can't even eat it.

So the Habs finally avenged their Detroit beatdown that lead to Patrick Roy's departure. The Wings thought they had gotten away with it, but little did they know, this top notch organization was planning its revenge. Then, 17 years in the making, like a bolt of lightning, while already all but eliminated from playoff contention in mid January, we pounced.

BOOYA Detroit! You think we're impressed with your 5 cups and constant elite performance? You think we care about your coach with "experience" and "wins"? You think we're impressed that you draft all stars in the 43rd round every year? No way! The Habs owned you last night! You had nothin'. It's almost like you didn't have one of the top 3 defencemen of all time in your lineup. Or like you don't give a shit about meaningless games in the middle of January against loser teams from the other conference. It's like y.... wait a minute. Did you let us win? Was this like a teenager letting his 4 year old brother winning just to make him feel better?? Great.


soperman said...

And I thought it was just a random, crazy, doldrum busting win! Little did I know those clever bastards actually plan that game so far in advance. I am glad I kept a dvr of the game to review later.

Steve said...

I think the elite teams play hard the night before the game in Montreal. Thats why we consistently do so well against the top teams.

DarthAlexander said...

I can't wait to avenge Pacioretty's hit in 2029. Fear us Boston!!!

I swear if I were Molson I would go and poach Detroit's scouts. I'd offer them stock in the company, big money, a night or two with a dancer from Chez Paree of their choice, a street named after them, whatever it takes.

Steve said...

I dont think its the draft picks so much as the whole system, they pick players they can turn into Detroit NHL players. I was looking at the Leaf draft picks over the past couple of years (in TO star) all over 6'2".
I have nothing against one smurf per line, but that should be it.

DarthAlexander said...

It's amazing how us "know nothing schmucks" seem to have a better clue than our own management does. Do any of them even bother to read a paper or watch NHL live?

Makes you wonder if the Habs are secretly run by the Quebec government.