Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quick, Get Me M. Night Shyamalan on the Phone

It is now clear that the message to the Montreal Canadiens organization is clear as Immigration Canada appears to have launched a formal protest over the hiring of anglo coach, Randy Cunneyworth.

This is an image of the rooftop of Immigration Canada offices in Montreal. One cannot deny that the contours of the Quebec borders are as apparent as can be, right there in snow formation for us to behold.

Either Immigration Canada is pissed or Québécois aliens in the inter-galactic québécois diaspora have made it very clear that we are all in grave danger if the Canadiens continue to behave this recklessly.

There is cause for concern. I would go out now, stack up on water and move underground until the next alien intentions are made clear.


Anonymous said...

it's a PLO ruse! the photographer is clearly wearing some sort of palestinian garb à la Arafat.

Steve said...

I am always the last to know.

Public Domain said...

the ventilation tubes are the old HNIC logo!! CBC complicity obvs - somebody tell Dave Hodge!