Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Morning Bell for the Day After the Habs Hand the NHL's Best Their Asses

Today's Honorary Ringer: The Red light at the Bell Centre

I'm not entirely sure a light can ring a bell but you know what, after we saw it go red 7 times for the home team last night, anything may be possible.

What were the Vegas odds on a 4-0 lead after 1?

PK found himself back in the news for the wrong reasons despite the feel-good night. I'm gonna have to have a chat with the boy.

Hilarious that the Wings broke Carey's shutout as Gord Miller was in the middle of saying broadcasters repeating the word shutout had no impact on the outcome of a game or a shutout bid.

Rafa Nadal broke Federer's spirit again this morning with another tough loss for the Swiss legend, this one in 4 sets at the semis of the Australian Open. Federer came out like a lion, then I fell asleep, then I woke up, then Fed had a break point in the fourth to make it 5-5, then he lost. But I fell asleep a bunch more times between all of that because Australia had this brilliant idea to settle 7 billion miles away from us and plant itself in the most impossible time zone ever created. Nice, Australia.


soperman said...
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soperman said...

I am really annoyed by the fact that Marchand has to just about kill someone with a dirty hit before anyone says a thing (and even then he will have a stupidly large number of defenders) while PK makes harmless (other than on the scoresheet) mistakes and is subjected to all kinds of abuse from ridiculous comments about trades that would make no sense to thinly veiled threats that are arguable racist.

But last night should have been about the victory. (I will note that prior to the game TSN analysts we touting the amazing depth of talent on the Red Wings and half way through the first period this had changed to "this is a scary look into the future without Lidstrom.")


DarthAlexander said...

@soperman: The amount of hypocrisy coming out of Boston is staggering sometimes. One of my favorite examples is Pacioretty tweeting while watching a movie a few days after the hit. Dr. Recchi comes out and says his shit and then everyone and his brother makes a big production out of it and says we must be faking it....

Then fast forward to the playoffs, Horton gets a concussion and he's traveling with the team and taking planes, and not one fucking word is said about it. Pacioretty can't watch a movie but Horton can travel and hang out in an arena with 20,000 screaming people?

It's also funny how Boston goons it up but they say they are "just protecting themselves" and make out like the big bad league is out to get them. Awwww.

PK can be an ass sometimes but he's nowhere near the awful person everyone makes him out to be.

DarthAlexander said...

The game was a total blast. I don't think anyone in the BC expected this. Funny thing is, when Detroit scored twice everyone got kind of nervous. A lot of us were expecting Detroit to actually come back to tie it. Considering our luck this year that's not too far-fetched.

Bob Cole opens his big mouth a lot during games and says "shut out" quite a bit.

soperman said...


You got that one right. Unfortunately living in Halifax we have to bear the Marchand family in the media preaching the gospil according to Brad.

Funny thing, you never see the Crosbies in the local media pumping up their son, even before the concussions. The only Crosby stories are third parties telling us about Sidney buying new jerseys and gear for all the Timbits players. Crosby even stayed away from the city when Joe Pinta and Brad Marchand had their cup parades because he didn't want to steal any thunder. Classy kid.

DarthAlexander said...

Funny how that doesn't surprise me one bit.