Monday, January 2, 2012

This just keeps getting better

The year got off to a great start when PK and TP dropped the gloves at practice this morning. Luckily, neither one of them has the slightest idea how to land a punch. This kind of thing happens during an 82 game season. It either means that they just don't like each other and the whole dressing room is sick of being stuck together, or, the competitive juices have been renewed and they will show this kind of jam on the 4th vs the Jets. As an eternal pessimist when it comes to this team, let's just assume that the whole fucking thing is falling apart. TP is probably pissed about his reduced ice time. He's usually the one cleaning up the shit, not starting it. As for PK, he's polarizing figure. We here at the PK'ists obviously love him, but I can see how his skill, his smile and his attitude can get under people's skin. But underneath that smile, is a badass who hates to lose. If you ask me, we need more of that in our dressing room. So let's chalk this one up to "inconsequential practice fisticuffs". Unless one of them wakes up with a bloody horse's head in their bed. How do you suppose it went down?

TP: take it easy PK, it's just practice.

PK: practice? We talking' about practice?

TP: you're a couple tattoos shy of making that quote

PK: and you're a turtleneck away from looking like a circumcised penis.

TP: how about I circumcise your time on the power play

PK: how about I circumcise your stupid goatee. It's like douchevember 12 months a year with you.

TP: You wanna go?

PK: go where?

TP: Starbucks

PK: I think we should fight

TP: is that why everybody is staring at us?

PK: yup, it's go time.

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Anonymous said...

Was glad Gorges commented on this right after in the absence of Gio.