Friday, January 13, 2012

Reason # 546 that nobody wants to play here

Thank you Journal de Montreal for making it official that your publication is actual toilet paper. Michael Cammalleri loved playing here. He was gracious in his last interview. He scored 13 goals in one playoff run. Have a little respect you fucking assholes.


FlyingPharoah said...

Of course he was gracious. That's cause he's a huge hypocrite. He's been shitting on everyone and everything that moves for the last week so that he can force the team's hand. He wasn't happy, he doesn't like the teams, and contrary to what he said, he can't stand the fans.

For once, I agree with that shit paper. Although I'm surprised they didn't write Les Flammes.

The big error belongs to Molson and Gauthier who basically setup Cunneyworth to get no respect. If this guy is just here by interim, then I'm just gonna do and say whatever the hell I want. But I would have expected the veterans, ie. Calamari to keep people in check, not to run amuck. You're not supposed to say what you think, even if it's true. You're not supposed to say it especially when you're having your worst season. You're not supposed to burn the other guys on your team that are working their asses off, like Gorges, and that just signed a long contract. You're supposed to roll up your sleeves and shut the fuck up.

Good riddance. Too bad our GM couldn't get some value though. I just hope they get Holik now that we have some cap room. I hear that he has crazy good skills.

soperman said...

Cammalleri is a great guy and a great player who was having a bad year. I wish him all the best in Calgary - though overall I hate those guys.

juce said...

le journal is a classless rag mag. I have no respect for their p.o.s 'journalism'

Steve said...

I second Soperman, I just wish he had been properly shopped, both LA and Tampa did not know he was available and both would have taken a crack.

DarthAlexander said...

One thing I do like about La Journal is that after every game they have a nice graphic showing where all the shots on goal came from and where the goals were shot from. That's kind of nice. The rest? Meh.

You can't say this has been a boring season. What other drama and comedy and tragedy awaits us?