Monday, January 9, 2012

The Morning Bell for Monday January 9th 2012

Today's honorary ringer: Tim "I might actually be the son of God" Tebow.

Are you kidding me? This guy is freaking me out. He wins an OT playoff game against a very tough Steeler team that was a huge favorite on an 80 yard pass??? Is that even possible? He now wins the right to play the Patriots next week. A team that wiped the floor with him a few weeks ago.

In Hab land, things are looking as rosie as they have in the last month, which isn't saying much. We're riding a 2 game win streak and are getting ready for Jarofest at the Bell Center on Tuesday. Should be a good game. Jaro will get his ovation at the beginning and hopefully the team can refocus on getting the job done. The job being to humiliate him "Theo Style" by scoring 8 goals on him.

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Anonymous said...

I remember the first game Theo played with the Avalanche at the Bell, back in 06. I think the final score was 8-5 Habs or something, Theo pulled, Aebischer in CH-nets, probably also pulled. Crazy game in that weird-ass post-lockout season, when nobody knew what the fuck was going on. Canes cup winners? yeah...

Anyways, put 8 behind Jaro. Thanks