Sunday, January 22, 2012

Game review: Habs finally screw up someone else's plans

Praise the lord. The Habs were finally able to beat a team that had more to lose than them. I learned something about myself this week. I'll never actually want the Habs to lose. I can't do it. But if there are varying degrees of pain when then lose, this year would be the most painless one I can remember. If we're not gonna make the playoffs, might as well finish closest to the bottom as possible, sell the few assets worth anything at the deadline, get the best pick possible and start fresh next year. Right?

But beating the Leafs when they're fighting tooth and nail to get in is very sweet. They basically pulled a Habs last night. 1 point out and you lose to the coldest team east of Columbus. Where have I seen that before.... Oh yeah, on the Bell Center ice about 25 times this year. So no matter how bad things get, it's always very satisfying to beat the Leafs. If we're not gonna make the playoffs, our Stanley cup will be played on April 7th at the Bell Center. If it's win and get it for Toronto, it will be our mission from God to stop them.

It was great to see Bourque score his first. Not the prettiest goal but it doesn't happen unless he skates straight to the net, something our guys have forgotten how to do. Eller scored an ugly one and scoring machine Diaz chipped in also. Carey stood tall and the rest is history.

One more game before AllStar weekend where Carey will be the token Hab. A little team called the Detroit Red Wings will be here. Oh lord. It's like finding out you have a prostate exam by Dr. Michael Clark Duncan. Please be gentle.

And Cammalleri was a -2 when his team won 6-2. You can take the loser out of the Habs, but you can't take the Habs out of the loser. Wait, what? Forget it.

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Anonymous said...

As much as I want to lose so we can get a top pick for this draft, I still get excited when they score and win. It's very unsettling.