Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Morning Bell for Thursday January 5th 2012

Today's honorary ringer: take a guess

4 goals. And that penalty shot should've counted for 2. So let's make it 5 goals. After a performance like that, there's nothing else to say.


soperman said...


Man, that felt good.

Unknown said...

I really thought the ringer of the day was going to be Hal Gill. Geez, can't we catch a break at all?

An amazing game by Eller and I hope it's the start of many more to come.

Gomez who?

Public Domain said...

yes the Gill brawl was rightfully lost in all the Ellermania - cant find "highlight" footage of it anywhere & had to settle for a pal's woozy re-enactment

Steve said...

@GG we need a special commemoration LEGO photoshop

DarthAlexander said...

Who cares about 4 goals when Gill had a thrilling fight where nothing happened but sweater-pulling and turning around in circles? There might have been some waving of the arms I think even. If that's not entertainment then I don't know what is. :)

It's nice having that old song back. I wonder if the "Bleu, Blanc, Rouge" song will come back as well.

eclaireur said...

It is a little sad to see Hall Gill fading away.

juce said...

I agree, he's also a real class act.