Thursday, February 2, 2012

Afternoon Munchies for Thursday February 2, 2012

Today's muncher: Mitt Romney - munching away at his own stupidity. I don't care about the poor, they'll take care of themselves in their own poor way. They've got a safety net. Yeah, the net's got holes wide enough to let a whale escape but hey, the net's there, they're poor and I don't give a beggar's booger about them. Vote for me.

The Habs play the Devils tonight. Scott Gomez is about to celebrate a very special day hide under a rock. This streak of misery is starting to defy pure hockey sense. How does a guy's skill and luck just vanish? 7 points in 20 games and a -3. It's incredible how serious this situation has become.

For the sake of accountability and legitimacy, the Habs have to send him down now. The playoffs are not going to happen, there's a potential roster spot that opens up if you send Gomez down which gives the team the opportunity to have a good look at some your developing talent. Can you believe we're saying things like "which gives the team the opportunity to have a good look at some your developing talent" on February 2.

How do you make sure the season's not entirely lost? You clean house now and give new management the time to become acquainted with the organization and its problems sooner rather than later. There is no reason to wait, other than the double dipping the team will have to do in paying old and new salaries to front office personnel. And that's not chump change so I can understand the corporate reticence to move in that direction. But good hockey makes good business sense; that's the model in Montreal. Let the team slide a bit more and you'll be snapping up reds from scalpers for 40 bucks again.

Don't bandwagon the NHL folks. There is some incredible hockey to watch. The Rangers are doing something special this year. The Penguins are forging an identity most teams would kill for; a real band of brothers. It's a feast for the eyes this NHL season when you look past the catastrophe that has become the Montreal Canadiens.

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DarthAlexander said...

I still watch hockey regardless of who is playing (although some games are better than others).

Boston is impressive even though they depress the hell out of me if only we were as good. Toronto is kind of entertaining because it's always fun waiting for the other shoe to drop. The Rangers are fun to watch. Pittsburgh just makes me feel sad knowing that Byslma is doing a great job and that no matter what he could never get a job here.

I doubt they'll do anything with Gomez. Well see him and Gauthier's long face well into Spring and early summer.

I can't wait for Gomez's next "I must do better next season" speech. Let's hope it's as thrilling as last year's was.