Monday, February 20, 2012

Let the selling begin!

Well that was it. I know I keep saying that every time they lose and then they win 2 or 3 straight to make me doubt myself, but at some point, you have to draw a line in the sand. The same sand our players will be hitting their golf balls from on April 8th.

It's over people. And it's a good thing. The Habs are that guy that has been in a coma for 4 years. The doctors are telling us that even if he wakes up (makes the playoffs), he will never be able to breathe on his own (win a series). But what makes this situation so much less depressing is that instead of being dead, we can just pull the plug and reset the whole thing come next year.

The first step was the Gill trade. I think we all have to give Gauthier full marks on that one. I never thought he could get this much in return. So let's not make the Gill trade seem irrelevant by doing nothing the rest of the way. Dump it all baby. Carey, PK, Max, DD, Gorges, Emelin and Eller can stay. The rest of them are trade bait. I know Cole is great and I love him too, but this guy has incredible value and if the right offer came along, you make the deal. I guess it really depends on how long the rebuilding process will take.

If Gauthier (or hopefully the guy who replaces his fired ass) wants to pull a Philly and go from last place to cup contender in one off season, then you keep Cole. But if the process will take 2 or more seasons, you gotta let him go. A guy like that (with a cup and a long term deal) at the deadline would be very sought after.

Enough with the fairy tales. The Habs are done. This is the golden opportunity we've been waiting for. They tried, we're not tanking on purpose, we just suck. We're not good enough. Sure, we can beat any team on any given night (Boston, Detroit, Philly, NYR), but if you can't do it consistently, then what's the point? Finishing 7th or 8th is getting old.

Now I'm not naive. I know this team can't publicly announce they are going through a long ass Edmonton-esque rebuilding process, but this decision was made for us. Even with deals like Kaberle, we were not able to jump start the powerplay and salvage the season. So let's cut our losses and move on.

The season is sold out anyways, right Geoff?

A few less beers sold the rest of the way is surely worth a more solid team next year, right Geoff?

Pierre Gauthier can't possibly be the best guy to rebuild this team, right Geoff?

You're not seriously gonna increase season ticket prices next year after this shameful disaster, right Geoff?

That rash on your ass is not from getting raped by Jacques Martin's agent, right Geoff?


DarthAlexander said...

I wouldn't get rid of Cole just yet. The guy is a good influence for the team and we've wanted to see someone like him here for a very long time. I'd hold on to him. He's also helping Pacioretty develop so that's pretty good.

Get rid of the other clowns first and have Cole mentor the team. He seems to love it here and that's a refreshing change.

Steve said...

I'm in in fact I thought Cole would be the first to go. If your a team drooling over Rick Nash for a cup run, Cole is a cheap alternative that gets the job done. The only change is I would keep AK46, he has never been used properly, and in the playoffs he is a money player. I would keep Borque and White as well. You have to have players ready to drop them with Buttman and Comcast ruining the league.

Don's Cherries said...

AK has 19 points in 41 career games. If by money, you mean pesos, I agree.

Don's Cherries said...

playoff games that is

Steve said...

@Don for a support player those are not bad stats, and if he learned, or plays were tailored to get him open like Camilleri does, he would do even better. He is (can be)the best puck handler in extreme close traffic on the team.

Steve said...

Is the new VM system designed by mothers against drunk posting?

Don's Cherries said...

@ Steve. Your hockey analysis is spot on. AK will be a $4M support player with 0.5 points per playoff game.

As for the VM system, it's a leather bench with monkey videotaping skills.