Saturday, February 11, 2012

Game Preview: Habs vs Leafs

What could be better than a mid season Saturday night matchup between the Habs and Leafs. I know, how about a punch in the face? A knee to the groin? A shared prison cell with Bubba from Alabama? We're on a 3 game winning streak and I'm still depressed. 9 points out with 3 teams to leapfrog. Caca.

But let's look at the bright side. We get a chance to piss on the Mats Sundin parade! Number 13 will be "honoured" like other cupless Leaf losers like Gilmore and Salming. Apparently, the Leafs are too good to officially retire numbers. They prefer to honour numbers. What a douchy organization.

Sundin was a great player. If fact, he's the exact player our Habs so desperately need. But Montreal is a city of style and man was he ever ugly. Way too ugly for a city with such hot girls living in it. I guess it was a match made in heaven for those broads in T.O.

Look, we all know the Habs are out of it. There are too many points to make up and too many teams between us and 8th place. But if there is a 1% chance we make it, it will go down to 0% if we lose this game. And an OT loss won't cut it either. The 3 game streak we are on is a mirage. Its only purpose is to erase the 3 duds following the allstar game. We need to win 4 in a row starting tonight to maintain any hope. After that, we can lose one, but then must win the following 12. Then, we can take a breather with 2 OT losses. After that, we run the table. You see, it's simple math.

Mats Naslund has a cup. Mats Sundin has nothing. I'm just saying.

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