Monday, February 27, 2012

Habs get second boobectomy, lose other tit.

So the over hyped trade deadline day got started with the Montreal Canadiens trading enigmatic winger Andrei Kostitsyn. Years ago, Andrei and Sergei were baptized Big and Little tits by our own HF4. Back then, this team had a great rack. Sergei was a young feisty centerman with great vision and Andrei was a strong winger with incredible hands and a great shot. Fast forward 3 years and, well, the Habs are now titless.

This move was hardly a surprise considering all that happened in the last few weeks. Andrei saw his playing time get reduced considerably and once his trade value hit rock bottom, Pierre Gauthier worked his magic and traded him for less than he got for Hal Gill.

Let's analyze this trade, shall we? We traded a former 1st round pick that, aside from this year where everybody and their mother sucks, consistently scored 20 goals in this league. In exchange, we get a 2nd rounder who, if we're lucky, will one day score 20 goals in this league. Andrei may not have reached his potential. He may not be the hardest worker. He may have gone weeks without scoring. But is he worth less than 64 year-old Hal Gill?

You wanna trade AK, fine. I won't lose any sleep. But you think you can get a little more than a 2nd rounder? And in case you didn't bother to check, Pierre, Nashville is a good team and is currently 5th in the NHL, so their 2nd round pick might not be worth much. Especially with you having a say in it.

So now that the deadline has come and gone, here are a few things you should be aware of.

1: You're a douche

2: If you don't sign Travis Moen to a contract that is universally described as a great deal for the organization, you're an idiot.

3: I loathe you

4: You are not fit to be the GM of my nephew's house league team.

5: You once again failed to accomplish anything useful on deadline day. Granted you have a lot of worthless assets on this team, but you're the one who put this roster together, so you get no sympathy.

So there you have it. Yet another disappointing day in Habs history. Or as Pierre calls it, Monday.


Anonymous said...

no more tits & left with a bunch of asses

Steve said...

Next game expect them to come out flat.

HabsFan4 said...

Ba da boum.