Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Morning Bell for Wednesday February 29, 2012

Today's ringer: February 29.

Anyone patient enough to exist every four years deserves some form of acknowledgment. This here blog respects that.

There are so many things I could ask to revert to an Olympic appearance:

 - cabbage rolls - just pretending to like 'em hun.
 - a sandra bullock movie. Blindside was good, see you in 4 years
 - a Habs/Blue Jackets game
 - winter
 - gastroenteritis, no make that 8 years

 I'm told the Habs played again last night. I'm telling whoever just told me to mind their business. I will say this, with our luck this year, watch those lottery balls pop out in this twisted ouija like order and hand the Habs the 27th pick in the draft.

It's a leap year. Let's look forward to something more enjoyable.

We've got some entertaining hockey in a few weeks, finally. We've got the Euro in the summer. If the Australian open was a sign of things to come we've got 3 more majors of unbelievable tennis and a potato sack race involving crocodiles on Discovery. And we've got London calling. Yes, baseball, I know but forgive me if I relagate baseball and the CFL to areas in my brain I prefer to deny. If you enjoy them, good for you. I would rather french kiss a porcupine.

 Happy leap year everyone. Now go leap.

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