Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Morning Bell for Wednesday February 15, 2012

Today's ringer: Randy Ladouceur.

Laddy-Da is becoming the badass of the organization. Makes PK look like a babbling 6-year old on the bench during the game. Rides the players hard during the practices and chews them out when they play a drill as if it were polka night at the neighborhood civic centre. Coach RC calls out players in practice, names them in media scrums and benches them appropriately. For the first time, we have a coaching staff that believes in accountability across the board, whether you're a rookie or a veteran making 7.5 million and unable to score in a gregorian calendar year.

Bruins lost a big game last night. The King made another statement. Bruins will look for redemption tonight. Obama should be in the stands. He's the bigger man.

Ottawa will not be Montreal's moving target as they distance themselves quit a bit with a win last night making the 3 remaining games Montreal plays vs the Sens practically irrelevant.

Kinda like a certain veteran making 7,5 million and unable to....

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Steve said...

I am guessing Gomez has been showcased like someone trying to sell irradiated glass as a ruby. I bought a couple of carats of that, but no one is dumb enough to buy Gomez. Therefore Montreal should never play Gomez again, and I hope the practice sessions was a harbinger for the real thing.