Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Morning Bell for Tuesday February 7th 2011

Today's honorary ringer: Jean Pascal

He bet his Benz that the Pats would win. He kept his word and handed over the keys Monday morning. And it wasn't a 1992 rusted beater. We're talkin' S550. Unfortunately, it's more of a one month lease than it is an actual hand out. Obviously he had to apologize for perhaps upsetting some people for wagering a $100,000 car during these economic times. God forbid a guy does what he wants without the weight of the "not so fortunate" world on his shoulders. I'm so sick of apologizing. Enough already. You wanna bet your car? Go ahead. Feel like spending money on a diamond dildo? Right this way. Fancy a gold dog collar for your poodle? Awaye donc. You're rich. Stop apologizing for it. All these complainers want is to be rich like you so that they can do the same stupidities.

Mr. Pascal, I bet you $6,000,000 that the Habs don't make the playoffs.


Steve said...

you do stream of consciousnesses better than me

Public Domain said...

Escott's plight has captured the imagination of.. hundreds. El Conki - how can you be silent? Your fans clamour.

What else is there to laugh about?

El Conkistador said...

@PD: Tranquilo! My #1 mission in life is still to ensure your thirst for Escott is fully quenched. The Cool-aid I just hired is in fact helping me write the next part. Her fake Spanish es muy impresionante.