Sunday, February 19, 2012

Game preview Habs vs Devils

So let me get this straight. We sign Brian Gionta for 5yrs and 25 M, but the Pens are able to get James Neal for 6 yrs and 30M. Gionta was 30 when he signed his deal, Neal is 24. Interesting...

The Habs had their equivalent to a solar eclipse Friday night with a shootout win. I think it was the first time all year they scored on the first 2 attempts. It's frustrating t think they were a blown 3rd period (carolina) and a shootout (boston) away from a 7 game winning streak.

Ah well. So tonight Brodeur and the Devils come into town for a rare Sunday night showdown. And by showdown I mean yawnfest. I swore several years ago that I would never attend a Devils game at the Bell center ever again. I've seen enough 2-1 losses to last a lifetime.

Gill's absence will surely mean more minutes for PK. He had 28 vs Buffalo. Way too much in my opinion but I guess Cunneyworth doesn't have much of a choice. I too would take a tired PK over a fresh Campoli or a Kaberle on steroids.

I will leave you with this thought. The Red Wings are 25-2-1 at home. The Habs are 11-12-8.

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