Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dreaming of Gringo goals and Grigorenkos on the Morning Bell

Today's honorary ringer: Mike Finnerty at CBC, host of Daybreak.

Thanks to Mike for having us on the show this morning to discuss the derailing ship. In my dreams, boats float on rails. Special thanks to friend and Montreal Hockey Talk colleague Coach K for setting up the interview. Coach we owe you one timbit.

The East was quiet yesterday and so nothing changed but the overall picture is where we now turn:


RankTeamGPWLOTPTSGFGAHomeAwayLast 10Streak
1Detroit55361727417613121-2-115-15-17-2-1Won 1
2NY Rangers51331357114110316-6-217-7-36-3-1Lost 1
3Vancouver53331557117113315-6-418-9-17-1-2Won 2
4St. Louis52311476912910622-3-49-11-36-2-2Won 1
5Nashville54321756915214017-7-415-10-17-2-1OT 1
6Boston52331726818011717-9-216-8-04-5-1Lost 1
7Philadelphia53301676717315712-8-518-8-24-3-3OT 1
8New Jersey53311936515014815-9-216-10-17-2-1Won 5
9Chicago54291876517116319-6-410-12-33-5-2Lost 3
10Pittsburgh54301956516314115-7-215-12-37-2-1OT 1
11San Jose51291666414812117-9-212-7-44-5-1Lost 2
12Toronto54282066216815716-8-412-12-26-3-1Lost 1
13Los Angeles542618106211811715-11-411-7-65-3-2Won 1
14Ottawa56272276116217414-11-213-11-52-7-1Lost 2
15Washington53282146014914919-7-19-14-34-4-2Won 1
16Florida522417115913114913-5-711-12-43-4-3Lost 2
17Minnesota53252085812213613-7-312-13-53-5-2Lost 1
18Phoenix54252185814314312-10-413-11-45-4-1Won 3
19Calgary54252275713014714-8-211-14-55-3-2Won 1
20Colorado55272535714015315-13-112-12-24-5-1Won 1
21Dallas52272325613714815-10-212-13-03-6-1Lost 1
22Winnipeg55252465613115116-8-29-16-44-5-1Won 1
23NY Islanders52222285212615011-11-511-11-36-2-2Won 1
24Buffalo53232465213215412-9-611-15-04-5-1Won 2
25Tampa Bay52232455114817615-8-28-16-36-3-1Lost 1
26Montreal54212495114014711-11-710-13-25-4-1Won 2
27Anaheim53212485013815815-13-26-11-67-2-1Won 2
28Carolina552025105013916814-12-36-13-75-2-3OT 1
29Edmonton54212854714316215-8-36-20-24-5-1Lost 2
30Columbus5315326361231759-13-36-19-33-6-1Won 2
Now the suspense surrounding the breaking out of Scott Gomez is unbearable. Remember, the more goals the Habs score, the closer they get to becoming the mainstay of mediocrity in the NHL. Forget finishing last, but a bottom three is well within reach. Now go out there, Habs, and BE somebody!

Kipper Kudos for the scorpion save last night. From the look of the overhead view, I'm thinking Guy Laliberté should make a phone call to see if Miikka can do a few O shows for the cirque this summer. If it spills over into next season, maybe Mika the singer can stand in for a few games.

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Steve said...

Call me stupid but do the top 16 get in? So we only need (gain) 9 points to get in? All is not lost then.