Thursday, February 16, 2012

What's the Use, or the Point, or the Purpose

Benoit Pouliot finds it conduct befitting an ex-Hab to look like Jaromir Jagr plugged into a walkman playing Mozart when he comes back to play on Montreal Ice.

Tim Thomas has to look like an epileptic octopus when the Habs leading goal scorer, Max Pacioretty, appears to have him beat on the shootout.

Erik Cole raises hope when he ties the game at an improbable 3-3 in the third after the Canadiens seemed done for heading into the sworn enemy that has been the third period of a hockey game.

When the Habs play the Bruins, there's enough happening on the ice to create intrigue.

Unfortunately intrigue is a weak substitute for points which the Habs are in dire need of after the Leafs beat the Oilers in overtime last night to restore a fairly commanding 8-point lead over Montreal.

It's becoming senseless to reference the standings. It's like having an open thread about a Fidel Castro speech: yup, he's still talking, yup, it's still boring as hell, yup still talking...

But we're paid to blog for free because we have to  just really love the game so much we would do anything for a buyout offer to just be part of the conversation.

I liked Randy Cunneyworth a whole lot last night. It's the first time in a long time I see some form of emotion coming from a Canadiens bench boss. It's Montreal/Boston and Randy got into the spirit of things. I have to say, I'm encouraging him to pick up a bescherelle because I see no reason for him to not stick around a few more years.

AK has made his first real polarizing off-ice statements and the coach rewarded him with about 13 minutes of ice-time and enough power play time to chew and swallow a mini tic tac. Phone calls will be made and a deal may have to occur now that AK has changed his tune about definitely wanting to stay in Montreal. To be specific the tune was:

- I want say in Montreal, Montreal good. I play hockey.

Now it's more like:

- Montreal, no good hockey, where is suitcase.

Life will go on without you AK, as did most games in which you participated.

The Habs are sellers now. PG and the gang must attune themselves to this reality. Jump on the blessing in disguise that was the loss to the Canes to clarify your mission statement: dump salary and rebuild for next year. Don't make that little 4-game winning streak a trojan horse you'll ride all the way to 9th place and a shitty draft pick. And don't waste time thinking about horses wearing trojan condoms. That won't get you anywhere either.

I'm hoping for some movement soon because we're going to have a hard time avoiding the redundancy that is reviewing meaningless games. It's like watching the GOP leadership race.


Public Domain said...

Yes but the Trojan horse helped them finally WIN!!

Go Habs Go, Go Habs Go

glug glug glug

Steve said...

Its a huge mistake to give up on AK47. All the Euro players seem to have that on off thing. Just deal with it, plan for it, cause when they are on its magic.

HabsFan4 said...

Good point steve. there's some truth to that. But I need magic to be there because he's always on, not because it seems like a mirage.