Saturday, February 11, 2012

Game review: Habs win 4th straight and Whitney Houston dies. WTF???

Mats Sundin killed Whitney Houston. Just as they were raising his number to the rafters, poor Whitney dropped dead. The nerve of that Swedish meatball to kill one of the world's greatest talents. All she ever wanted to do was dance with somebody but the very thought of #13 hanging up there pushed her over the edge.

So did anybody see this coming?? What a great way to ruin the festivities at the ACC. The boys really came to play tonight. Cole, Max, Bourque and Darche all scored some nice goals but none greater than the big E. The kid really showed Pierre Gauthier is not a complete anus. What I loved is that they kept pushing it tonight. They never let up and finally showed some balls and tapped into their killer instinct. The Island Girls really must have scared them into thinking that no lead is safe in this NHL.

PK did his thing. He played well, he got under their skin and didn't fall into the trap of having to fight when the game was well out of hand. I love how he has responded to the coaching staff. They challenged him and he stepped up. Playing 26 minutes a game was obviously not working. They're keeping him in his sweet spot of 20 to 22 minutes.

And what can you say about Carey. This kid has ice water in his veins. You could just tell that he really wanted to shit all over Leafs Nation tonight.

So now we are faced with this annoying conundrum. Do we get on board just to have our hearts smashed to pieces or do we stay the course and tank this mofo? I was just getting used to the idea of moving on with my life and now they planted the seed of doubt in my mind.

Ah fuck it. I can't ditch them after laying the smack down on the Leaves. They get a stay of execution for 7 days. They better be no more than 4 points out of 8th by next Sunday.


juce said...

Two steps at a time.

soperman said...

The team has to take it one game at a time, and that is how the fans should view it too. It could still be a stinker of a season, but there have been flashes of brilliance and last week was four in a row.

Highlight of the year when the leaf-centric commentator (I don't know which one) said, "So far Carey Price has more points than the entire Leaf team."