Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The morning Bell for Wednesday February 8th 2012

Today's honorary ringer: My uncle. It's his birthday.

Now, how 'bout them Habs! They treated us to a game rarely seen by last place teams 10 points back of 8th spot. I remember thinking all throughout the night: "What a game! If only it made a fucking difference if we won!". But you know what, we spend so much time bitching about this season, let's spend some time on the good stuff.

The first 2 periods were as entertaining as we've seen all season. Great end to end action, fantastic saves at both ends, and a sweet goal by the golden boy. The 3rd period was what we call, caca. Caca is crap. Crap is feces. Feces is shit. Shit is Hab 3rd periods. Badly out shot, zero puck possession and the Habs special: blowing a lead. But then, after 2 shit goals from both teams and what seemed to be a game destined to be lost in OT, black jesus showed up. PK laid the smack down on Malkin and suplexed Letang. That display energized the crowd and got us to the shootout; something the Habs have dominated all year. And by dominate, I mean suck balls. 1-7 before last night. But this game was different. You could feel the energy of creeping up to 12th place. The whole building willed the Habs to victory.

If we can do that 15 more times in a row, we'll be in business.

Special shout out to Cameron who took HF4s tickets off his hands to allow him to spend a night with his wife for the first time since he got out of jail. Cameron, you may be from Toronto, but you're OK in our book*.

* We don't actually have a book.

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Steve said...

It was also a great game for Leblanc, he is going to be a great one.