Saturday, November 19, 2011

Game Preview Habs vs NHL's Hottest team

Our Habs are hosting the Rangers tonight. They've won 7 in a row and 8 of 10. According to Habs logic, we should win 9-1. Should be the same lineup. Expect to see TP on the PP point (I'd rather watch actual toilet paper on a penis) and our embryonic defensive core take the ice. We should pay Gorges a little extra for babysitting every night. This poor guy has 6 years under his belt and is the most experienced guy on our blue line by a country mile. If the Habs every wondered what he was worth, he's showing it now. He's a leader, he's consistant and he can grow a bad-ass 'stach. Throw him in with the Pacioretty, Price and Subbans and sign him right fucking now.

On a brighter note, Mike Komisarek has a broken arm and will miss 8 weeks. I think that every time I complain about Gomez, I'm gonna bite my tongue a little. I really wanted to keep this asshole 2 years ago. I knew he was asking for more than what he was worth, but he was tough as nails and would protect Carey like nobody else. Today, he's the most overpaid defenceman in the NHL. What makes this all the sweeter is that we passed him on to the Leafs. That should cancel out the Grabovski deal. So basically, 4.5M of Gomez's 7.3M cap hit is forgivable. The last 2.8M is unacceptable!

Enjoy the game and let's hope for a win and a Tortorella meltdown.


Public Domain said...

@DC - Thanks for the Komo/Escott convoluterpretation

Life is significantly more bearable now.

Go Habs Go

Steve said...

I bet Kommi now wishes he had stayed at 3 mill, you cant buy dignity.

Don's Cherries said...

@ Steve I'm pretty sure nobody in their right mind would fork over 2.5M so that idiot bloggers like us leave them alone!