Thursday, November 24, 2011

The morning bell for Thursday November 24 2011

Today's honorary ringers? Turkeys

It's the least we can do. 45 million of those poor delicious bastards are eaten every Thanksgiving south of the border.

Busy night in the NHL but a few scores are worth mentioning. If you need the Morning Bell to tell you the Habs won, you're an asshole. Go read another blog.

Crosby's 2nd game wasn't nearly as exciting as his first. Monday night was obviously a fluke. This guy's career is over. Clearly. Pens drop an OT decision to the new and improved Blues.

Philly avoids disaster and beats the Islanders in OT and Boston wins their 10th straight by beating the Sabres in their first game since the Lucic incident. Gaustad and Lucic dropped the gloves early in the 1st period. Milan never backs down and once again showed why he can pretty much do whatever he wants. To think everybody in the NHL passed him up in 2006.

In other news, Tiger woods made $3M. For what you ask? Did he win a tournament finally? Nope. He's showing up. $3M is apparently what some rich arab sheikh is willing to pay Tiger to show up and play in Abu Dhabi. So let me get this straight. Tiger shows up, plays a round and gets back on his jet with a suitcase full of cash even if he misses the cut? God damn I'm in th wrong line of work.

But today, everything takes a back seat to Football. 3 good games on the schedule. The Pack goes for their 10th straight win in what is usually an easy place to play on Thanksgiving, Detroit. Not this year! Miami faces Dallas in the afternoon and the Harbaugh brothers faceoff in the night game. No shortage of storylines this year.

So if you're lucky enough to have access to a TV today, enjoy the games. Habs won so for the next 24hrs, we can focus on something else. Gobble Gobble.

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Steve said...

Next time we play Boston, bring back BGL, I think he is still under contract, and beat Lucic until he is straight.