Monday, November 21, 2011

The morning bell for Monday November 21,2011

Today's honorary ringer: David Beckham

On the last day of his mind numbing $250M contract, David Beckam delivered a header pass and an MLS Championship to the city of Angels. It's been a roller coaster for Becks on this side of the pond, but which ever way you slice it, he won. I was beginning to wonder if that poor bastard would ever catch a break.

Crosby is finally ready. The Islanders are the lucky winners of that circus. Love him or hate him, the league needs this kid. Especially since Ovy decided not to show up this year.

Big week in the NFL. Tim Tebow continued to be the worst QB ever that doesn't lose. He might be living proof that Jesus existed. I don't know how else to explain this nonsense. Dallas ekes out a W and the Eagles help them out by screwing up the Giants' plans. Just another day at the office for Aaron Rodgers, San Fran keeps rolling and the Colts managed not to lose.

The Habs get ready for the Bs tonight, followed by the 'Canes, Flyers and Pens. Habs Logic says we go 3-1. I'll take it. Leafs lose. I never get tired of typing that. Oh, and how is Chris Higgins tied for the Canucks scoring lead??


Steve said...

Tim Tebow calls the play
Dertiumime 7;15
Luke 10;12
Revelations; Apocalypse now
Feel the Rapture bitches

HabsFan4 said...

Tebow's got the moves like Jagger. 72-year old Jagger.