Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Narcolepsy on Ice: Oilers 3 - Habs 1

(do you see the syringe?)

That son of a bitch king of pop murdering bastard was at it again last night, shootin' up the whole joint with his propofol.

He injected loads of the stuff in the Habs's buttocks, enough to kill a horse...or to emulate Jacques Martin. And then the Canadiens took us through 57 minutes of rockabye baby. Snoozapalooza sans the obscure grunge band.

The Habs are playing Dangerous, although if you Wanna be Starting Something with the Oilers you're way better off trying to be Invincible because in the end They Don't Really Care About Us.

I mean c'mon. Chamon! Do you really think the fans will want to come back to this bore if the team continues to play like this? Will You be There? I know I won't.

At one point, I felt like Coach Martin just forgot to coach a power play. Where the hell was PK on the first wave. In the washroom Freeing Willy for a piss? Seriously I don't understand, it's Black or White; either you wan't to win or you don't. If you don't agree with this just Leave me Alone. I mean of course I wanna Rock with you and have a blast at the game and all but really, I'm starting to lose the desire to shell out a g-note to see these shleps steal money from me; Geoff Molson is a Smooth Criminal for being able to pull this farce off.

I mean the only thing I can look back on with any kind of fondness is PK gunning down the ice like a Speed Demon. He wasn't playing dirty. Diana Princess of Wales would have been proud of his gentlemanly play and the way he kept his cool after drawing a penalty on an illegal check in the corner.

Emelin played a better game last night and doesn't look as lost as he did before. Sure he can call any player on this team a real Stranger in Moscow because the North Americans don't know the Russian league and would also require an adaptation period but really after a while, you can't be playing that Bad. Seriously though, This is it, you either start to show up for every game or you go home, Emelin.

Do you Remember the Time when the Habs were unbeatable at home? The crowd used to be so instrumental. Not this year. It's quiet in there. Where is Gionta? Is he upset that the boys aren't giving him the same affection this year? That may be the case but if I were Gio I would Keep it in the Closet and not let that stuff leak into an NHL locker room. I don't agree with it, and that kind of phobia makes me wanna Scream but for now, it is what it is. But this is a message to Gio; Keep the faith duddy, You are not Alone. You can blame the damn establishment in the NHL, blame it on the dinosaurs that run this league. Blame it on the boogie - man, Gary Bettman who haunts our dreams. Who do you see Gary? Are you proud of this? Who is the Man in the Mirror and are you proud of him?

I'm done. I apologize for being political, it's in my Human Nature. But in the end, the Habs have to dust themselves off and do this thing. Stop blaming the coach, propofol drips or the homophobic NHL. Just get it done. It doesn't have to be a Thriller every night. Jacques Martin doesn't coach for exciting games. He just teaches the basic ABC and expects you to follow suit. Just show up, Shake your Body and work your ass off.

Now Beat it.


Don's Cherries said...

Mama-se, mama-sa, ma-ma-koo-sa

neverbeenpkissed said...

With more MJ references than the handbook of modern plastic surgery, that was totally Off The Wall

karimisbetterthanyou said...

Off topic, heard it was Perry Pearns who botched MJ's rhinoplasty.

moeman said...

Nicely done. No mention of Ben? oh wait, he's in boston now.

wv = needa

Steve said...

Right on, the fans are soon going to beat it.

Steve said...

The Urologist has new pee in Philly. The zombie hockey movement has finally jumped the shark, maybe Buttman will come up with 60 minutes of shootouts and freethows.