Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Timeline: Letang passe lentement

First period

Opening seconds of the first frame. Crosby breaks out of his zone, feeds Kunitz at centre ice for a short pass. Kunitz makes his way into the Habs zone, breaks at the top of the circle and sends a shot on Price. Malkin buries the rebound home. 1-0 Pens.

One minute later. Kostitsyn, Eller and Moen break into the Pens' zone. The forecheck leads to a turnover as the puck is retrieved by Moen who buries a writs shot past Fleury. 1-1

At the 12-minute mark, Pacioretty feeds Cole with a sharp cross-ice pass through the neutral zone. Cole writs a shot on Fleury who lets out a big rebound that Deharnais picks up. He immediately feeds Pacioretty at the top of the circle who fires a shot past Fleury. 2-1 Montreal

Second period

Early goal disallowed as Kunitz directed puck in net with his arm.

9 minutes left in the period. Subban shoots the puck wide from the blue line. It bounces of the boards behind the net and is picked up by Pacioretty at the side of the goal. Pacioretty makes a nice back pass to Erik Cole who one-times it past Fleury. 3-1 Habs.

3 minutes left in the second. A failed clearing attempt is knocked down at the Habs' blue line. The puck is then retrieved by Pascal Dupuis who turns around and fires a shot that eluded the defence and Price. 3-2 Montreal.

Third period

Another disallowed goal as Kunitz barrels into Price on a breakaway.

Montreal plays on their heels all period. Price makes several saves on odd-man rushes. But Staal manages to break free and lifts a beautiful shot over Price's right shoulder to tie the game. 3-3

Pacioretty breaks Letang's nose on a controversial hit.


Letang, back in the game with a pin in his nose, comes in over the line, feeds Neal who pirouettes a shot on  Price. Carey drops to his knees and freezes the puck with his glove.

Neal and Letang bat at the puck. PK Subban goes into the dressing room to repair a skate. Mike Cammalleri has a drink of Gatorade at the bench. A fan in the blues goes to the washroom to relieve himself. A full bottle of ketchup is turned upside down and empties itself drop by drop. No tapping is applied to assist in this process.

The liberal party calls a new commission on the construction scandal. Charest announces the news via a press conference in Quebec City. The last autumn leaves fall off the branches they had been clinging on to so desperately.

Two snails who had been courting each other make love. The female snail is impregnated. Mother and father snail search for a warm place where mother may lay her eggs. She waits patiently as the father leaves for the winter to gather food. He returns to find 4,567,854 daughters and 2,457,677 boys. He's relieved as he was really hoping for a son.

I sit back and watch Jesus of Nazareth, the director's cut.

Jews erupt in elation as the Messiah arrives in a small village near Jerusalem.

A Norwegian mediator negotiates the return of the Palestinian refugees to the promised land. Ban Ki Moon is over the moon.

The Sagrada Familia is completed.

Suri Cruise celebrates her 40th wedding anniversary.

The world's oldest blind woman runs and completes a marathon in a potato sack, in 30 centimetres of snow. In a shocking twist, she removes the potato sack to reveal that she has no legs. My son graduates from college summa cum laude.

Apple announces the iPhone 52 S.

A small asteroid completes a rotation around the sun. The sun completes a rotation around the galaxy. A new galaxy is found by a Tanazanian astrologist.

It is reported that this new galaxy enforces a rule that when a goaltender drops to his knees and freezes the puck, THE REFS BLOW THE FUCKING WHISTLE!!!!!!!!!

The Leafs win the Cup.

Letang scores. Pens win 4-3.


HeadHunter said...

Masterful 4. I wondered if that crumbling feeling I had while watching that game was my hopes and dreams for this team or my bones turning to dust through the harsh but inevitable passage of time.

HabsFan29 said...

bravo. but I thought it was even longer

Steve said...

A louis le blanc parting the waters of the mighty st laurant might be cool, GG

Tim said...