Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Game review: Habs lose to streaking Bruins (streaking as in winning streak, not naked streak)

Ayoye. Ostie qu'ça fait mal. Our boys really deserved better than that last night. 33 shots, good scoring chances, tight defensive play. All the ingredients were there and had it not been for the flipping and flopping from a certain Hart/Vezina trophy winner, we would've won. That and botching a 4 minute PP.

So as I mentionned this morning, Habs Logic was not completely off. We lost (and I predicted a 14-1 victory), but we played better than the hottest team in the league. That effort beats 26 teams in this league, so Habs Logic did hold true in that sense. Nevertheless, losing sucks. Losing to the Bruins sucks ass. Getting shutout at home sucks balls. That's a lot of sucking. And not the good kind. The only good thing about last night was Emelin coming out of his shell. He finally showed what we've been waiting for for so long. Big hits, solid defensive play, what else can you ask of him. Well deserved 3rd star.

I did notice a few perplexing decisions from our head honcho. I get that Gomez got 2 points on Saturday, but does that warrant the crazy amount of PP time he's getting? How on earth is he getting more ice than Cole against a team like the Bruins?? And why is PK not on the ice in the last minute when we desperately need a goal?

The fact that I am bitching about the coach after an acceptable loss says a lot. I don't like him. He bores me to death and his decisions make me question his sanity. The guy has over 600 wins and I'm second guessing him every step of the way. Do any of the players look at this man and say to themselves: "I'm gonna take a slapshot off the face to get this guy a win." or "Holy shit is he fired up tonight, we better get our ases in gear". No. The only comments I can hear are "Coach looks more upset about last night's episode of Masterpeice Theater than the game" and "Hey coach, the ghost of Ghandi called, he wants his personality back". And that would be an insult to Ghandi's rarely reported spicy latin temper.

Whatever. These complaints of mine are just there to ease the pain. All that will help is a win on Wednesday. God knows we need it cuz it ain't gonna be a picnic on Friday afternoon vs the Flyers. And by Saturday, Crosby will be leading the league in scoring so I suggest we bank some points as early as we can.


Kmaxx said...

@DC - Ahmen!

wv - chailis de tabernac!

Steve said...

I am just waiting for JM to put out the fourth line on the PP.

Public Domain said...

Hear: "Bruins", "streaking"

Think: the underwear I had on the week I was ill

juce said...

Broons still suck.

DarthAlexander said...

I think the number one issue that makes me question Martin's sanity is the continued use of Gomez to begin with. Everyone else in the universe would have benched the sorry son of a bitch ten thousand times over by now but not Martin.

Since he has those two points Martin should have realized that Gomez met his quota for the month.

Don's Cherries said...

@ Darth You're hired as my head of media relations.

DarthAlexander said...

Why thank you Don. I work really cheap so it won't cost you much.

How about a pack of smokes and couple of cans of Guiness?

Don's Cherries said...

I have Popeye cigarettes and an old case of Old Milwakee. Deal?

DarthAlexander said...

You cheapskate. No deal. Old Milwakee? Eww...dude, that's an insult to humanity right there. That's like the Mike Komisarek of beers.