Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Y'all missed out on some goooood eatin'.

Greetings PK'ists! I'm back from the wild west. What a crazy weekend. First up was the Habs game in Music City Tennessee. Watching a hockey game with guys with cowboy hats was interesting to say the least. The Preds play at Bridgestone Arena, in the heart of Nashville. Cross the street and there are bbq joints, cowboy boot stores, and saloons lining the sidewalk. They even have a machine blowing fake snow at the entrance of the building. I was always the first to say that cities like that should not have NHL teams. I was fine when Atlanta moved and support the idea that the Coyotes should relocate to Quebec city or anywhere else north of the border. But I was impressed with the fans in Nashville. They're loud, they're proud and they know the rules, unlike the bozos in Tampa and Florida who still get explanations on the big screen about what icing is. And unlike our rivals in Boston and Philly, people were actually congratulating us for winning?!? Hot Damn! Southern hospitality at its best.

As for the on ice analysis, another good effort by the team. We needed the win and got it. Anytime you take 2 points from a game versus a top tier goalie, you don't complain. Especially when you start your back up. But I don't wanna talk about the game. That's old news. I wanna talk about Hab Fans. I always expect to see Quebecers in Habs jerseys when attending a road game. The faithful are always ready to travel to see the team, so that's no surprise. What impressed me was how many non Quebecer Habs fans there were. Who knew we had allies in Nashville, Memphis, Kentucky and Texas! Talking Habs with a dude with a southern twang was definitely a first for me. "That Jack Martin is overcookin' my grits". Classic.

I followed up that experience by catching the Cowboys-Bills game on Sunday in Dallas. That, my friends, was an incredible experience. The Cowboys slaughtered the Bills 44-7. You think the Habs are a marketing machine? Think again. That stadium is ridiculous. Concessions every 10 meters, so clean you can eat off the floor, a 60 yard wide big screen and 925 souvenir shops that sell everything from bbq covers to eyeglasses with a Cowboys logo on it. The Stadium itself is something to see. And thank god for it, because I'd rather watch Jacques Martin press conferences all day than spend another minute in Dallas. No kidding there's no state income tax. It's the only way to get people to live there. That and the BBQ. Holy shit do they know how to cook a pig. I ate pulled pork for breakfast lunch and dinner and brushed my teeth with bbq sauce. Yeeeehaw!

So that sums up DC's trip to the west. Tune in next week when I catch the Habs game in Nigeria.


Steve said...

Hey Don while your in Nigeria can you look up Prince Bobo for me, I sent him some money and never got my 50 mill back?

neverbeenpkissed said...

Good luck to us in Nigeria, I hear the Abuja Guinea Fowls have a killer 1st line.