Thursday, November 24, 2011

Game review: Habs vs Walking Sticks

Aaaahhh. Habs Logic. Gotta love it. Outplay the Bruins, struggle against the Hurricanes. Although the performance was much more convincing than the Islanders debacle, the result was good, yet troubling. Yes we shot 34 times, yes their first 2 goals were either weird or shouldn't have counted all together and yes Scott Gomez is still a douche. On one hand, we did come back from 2 down. On the other, we played on our heels and barely hung on to get to OT. Where's the killer instinct? We always seem to play for the single point. Jackie keeps giving me migraines by not playing Cole and Pacioretty more often. The way Cole goes to the net, he should be playing 58 minutes a game.

As I was writing the first paragraph, I was comforted by the thought that the Islanders were beating the Flyers. That comfort was quickly substituted for indigestion when the Flyers did what great teams do. They don't let bad teams beat them. We do. They were down 3-1 but found a way to win. We also have a 4th liner in Mathieu Darche who thinks it's useful and appropriate to chew out PK after a bad pass. I get that he's a leader but know your role. Career AHLers don't have the pedigree to pull that off.

Ok, now that's out of the way. We needed 2 points and we got them. Our defense was porous but at this point, I'm done criticizing them. They're young, inexperienced and doing their best. When we win, they get a pass. When we lose, they get crucified. Sounds fair.

Next stop Philly for Thanksgiving. I'll be thankful for a win and a slapshot to Pronger's crotch.

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DarthAlexander said...

I'd say this is easily one of the big complaints I have had about this team for the last few years. Why the hell do we always have to struggle against lower teams? It's so damn annoying.

We look hot, then not, kind of hot, then not, hot, hot, shitty, so-so, hot, etc.

One good thing about it is I guess it messes with the heads of other coaches in the NHL because they have no clue what to expect.

Maybe this was Martin's top-secret plan all along. Lull the NHL into a false sense of security so we can go for the kill this year and obviously win number 25.

This of course also means that Scott Gomez is going to score 5 goals a game during this year's playoffs in which we shall sweep every round and win the Cup in 16 easy games.

Brilliant plan JM, brilliant.

Pardon me - I need to take my medication now so I can see the world normally again.