Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Morning Bell on Wednesday November 16, 2011

Today's honorary ringer: Bob Costas

You've got to imagine that the Florida Panthers are the surprise team of the NHL. Last night they went into Dallas and managed to get third string goalie Scott Clemmensen a shutout. 6-0 win.

Markov continues to practice with a "don't get near me" jersey. He'll probably play in the Canadiens alumni game in 2037.

More frustration around the league about the Lucic hit on Miller. Strangely though, Carey Price agrees with Shanahan about the league's decision to not suspend the Boston forward. Shanny, your custom made cowboy hat should be arriving in the mail soon.

Habs suit up against Cole's Canes tonight. Another big game in light of the back to back scenario with the Habs in Long Island tomorrow.

We tip our cowboy hats to Bob Costas for exposing a feeble and pathetic Jerry Sandusky for who he is. Why his attorney would allow his client to expose himself on national tv is a mystery. The court of public opinion may have rendered its final judgment.

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Steve said...

That saddusky interview was prep for the insanity defense. If you think things at Penn State are disgusting, look closer to home.